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Art of Worship

The Art of Worship

The Art of Worship: A Musician's Guide to Leading Modern Worship by Greg Scheer
2006, Baker Books; 224 pages; list price: $15.99

Is your church launching a contemporary service, trying to balance traditional and modern musical tastes, or seeking relevant worship for a secularized society? If so, here is the complete guide to making it happen. From enlisting and training an effective leadership crew to overcoming opposition from resistant church members, The Art of Worship charts a clear course through every aspect of worship. Comprehensive technical details, biblical principles, and action steps make this an invaluable resource for musicians, leaders, pastors, and students reaching for new horizons in ministry.

Learn more at Baker Books,, or the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship website. Or read The Art of Worship in translation:

Korean translation published by YWAM Korea


Guidebook. Chinese Baptist Press, 2013. Translated into Chinese by Yvette LauRead the catalog description or go directly to theordering page.

Indonesian, translated by Lusiana Susanty. Literatur SAAT, 2015

Reviews & Endorsements

"This book has helped me greatly -- a classically-trained musician trying to 'get up to speed' in the contemporary worship genre." (David Goodwin @ A Surprsing Light)

"The only book I recommend to church leaders for a survey of the issues that have to do with executing a service." (Joshua Banner, Minister of Music and Art, Hope College)

It's years of study and experience in a nutshell and should be read by all involved in music ministry' (Taswin Karnadi, Indonesia)

A former intern of mine told me about your book, "The Art of Worship" and I bought it.  It is wonderful. (Marvin Jones, TN)

“Thanks for your book which I've recommended to everyone who will listen.  It is a timely resource, well-written and comprehensive without being affiliation-specific. I think your book is just about the greatest thing since broken bread!” (Christopher Wilhelm)

"The Art of Worship is a very practical tool. It will enable the worship leader or worship committee to thoughtfully analyze their current style of worship and to plan step-by-step for future change." Robert E. Webber

"I am currently reading this for the second time and it is ESSENTIAL reading for all worship leaders/pastors." Shannon Lewis, For What It's Worth (read the full review)

"This is a GREAT resource for those just starting out as well as experienced, seasoned leaders." Mandy Thompson, blendingworship (read the full review)

"Scheer has a fresh, honest approach... You need to go buy this book now." Kevin Richardson, (read the full review)

"I haven't been able to put it down. This is a fantastic book that every music director and pastor should read." Matthew Starner, Beyond the Noise (read the full review)

"This book is a must-read, must-have! Every college music school, division or department should require this book for church music courses." Bob Burroughs, Monday Morning Email (read the full review)

"This will be a book that is talked about for years." Byron K. Borger, Hearts & Minds BookNotes (read the full review)

"I think is one of the best practical guides for those who lead congregational worship with a band." Bob Kauflin, (read the full review)

"This comprehensive guide to the nuts and bolts of contemporary worship leadership will challenge both new and veteran leaders to rethink their approach to a host of practical challenges. Greg Scheer demonstrates that we never have to choose between integrity and relevance in preparing to lead God's people in worship." John D. Witvliet

"An excellent leadership resource for modern worship." Midwest Book Review

"It is helpful for everyone involved with worship - from the trained pastor to the lay worship leader." Melissa Parcel, BookLoons (read the full review)

"Scheer has made an excellent point. As pastors and worship leaders let us consider how to keep the generations together in worship." Greg Brewton, (read the full review)

"The Art of Worship charts a clear course through every aspect of worship." Matt McCarnan, (read the full review)


Audition info sheet that I used for Northwestern College worship teams. Feel free to adapt this for your own worship team interview process.

Syllabus for a college course using The Art of Worship as a textbook.

"Heavenly Harmonies" is a handout I used in a recent workshop. This can be used as a homework assignment if you're teaching from the book, or to get a little more practice at creating vocal harmonies when reading that section of the book. There were some problems with the graphic formatting of this MS Word file, so if you run into trouble let me know.

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