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Choral Music

I know what you're thinking: "This is a really long list of choral anthems!" For those of you who want to cut to the chase, here's a short list of my hits:

Blended: We Are Waiting, Bread of the World, Lo How a Rose

Contemporary: Deeper than the Sea, A Mark of Grace, Blessed Be!

Traditional: Ave Verum Corpus, They Will Enter Zion, This Is the Day!

Non-SATB: The Lord's Prayer, The King of Love, The Beauty of Your Holiness


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A New Song - SATB and Piano

A Hip-Hop groove, challenging piano part and tight Gospel harmonies make this a fresh setting of Psalm 96 that your choir or quartet will enjoy singing. Now available in the GladSong Choirbook from Augsburg Fortress.

As the Deer - Solo, SATB and Piano; opt. guitar

Psalm 42 and 43 are set to a flowing melody whose folk quality is complimented when accompanied by guitar. The solo verses and obligato can be sung by a mezzo-soprano, baritone, or children. Now available as an octavo from Augsburg Fortress.

Ave Verum Corpus - SATB and Piano

If your choir sings Mozart's "Ave Verum," this setting of the same text will provide some variety to your communion services. About the same difficulty level as the Mozart, it features a harp-like piano part, rich choral texture, and two short solos. (get the files)

Blessed Be! - Solo, SATB and Piano; opt. brass and rhythm section

The words of Zechariah take on a gospel flavor in this new setting of Luke 1:67-79. Performances can be scaled from an a cappella rendition to a full blown band version which includes rollicking piano, hip hop drum set, sizzling horns (trumpet, alto sax and trombone), and funky bass. For those of you who are more adventurous, it even includes the optional "Blessed Be Rap." A sure way to get your Advent or Christmas concert smokin'! (get the files)

Bless the Lord, O My Soul! (Psalm 103; for the 2012 graduates of Western Theological Seminary)

Bread of the World - SATB and Piano

Reginald Heber's classic communion text comes alive in this stirring musical setting. The simple soprano melody (optional solo) that begins the piece blossoms into a rich choral texture which is supported by the flowing piano accompaniment. (Now published by Augsburg Fortress.)

Built on the Rock - SATB and Organ (Piano)

This rousing arrangement of the traditional Danish hymn "Kirken Den Er Gammelt Hus" is the perfect anthem for church dedications or other services that celebrate the life of the church. The words remind us that the church is not only a physical building, but also a temple where He resides within our hearts. (get the files)

Clap Your Hands - Solo, SATB choir, flute/piccolo, and percussion

If your choir is making its first foray into global music, this is a good place to start. This arrangement of a Yoruban folk song is joyously rhythmic without being too difficult. The vocal lines practically sing themselves, while the solo, flute and percussion fill out the sound. Visit World Library Press for purchasing information; their site includes a stellar recording.

Creator of the Stars of Night - Unison Choir and Organ (or string orchestra)

Deeper than the Sea - SATB Choir, Piano and Congregation (opt. rhythm section)

This musical setting of Psalm 36:5-9 is arranged for choir, piano and congregation. Chords are included so it can be accompanied by guitar and bass to get that “folk choir” kind of sound. It is a simple arrangement that will only take one rehearsal to learn, but it is by no means simplistic. If your church follows the lectionary, this scripture passage comes up on the second week of Epiphany in year C, and in Holy Week every year. (get the files)

Emmanuel Now - Children's Choir, SATB and Piano

Co-written with Colin Gordon-Farleigh, this touching nativity song combines a simple melody for children with ethereal SATB harmonies and a challenging piano part. (PDF)

Every Valley - Solo, SATB and Piano; opt. brass and rhythm section

This tender jazz/pop ballad brings fresh, new insight into the timeless words of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 40:1-5). It can be an effective companion to "Blessed Be!" because of its similar instrumentation (a cappella, choir and piano, or full band), but it could also compliment Handel's "Comfort Ye My People" and "Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted" from Messiah because of their shared text. (get the files)

Feed Us, Lord - SATB and Piano

This simple, reflective communion anthem focuses on the way Jesus feeds our hearts at the table. This arrangement features rich choral writing, a challenging piano part and a verse for congregation. A congregational version is also available. (get the files)

From the Dust You Shall Raise Us Up (Psalm 103)

From There - Alto and Piano

This aria is taken from a cantata based on Psalm 113 (in production at Adoro) and premiered at the 100 year anniversary of the Hermsdorfer Kirche in the former East Germany. "From there, where the sun rises, to the place where it sets -- everywhere -- the Lord of lords is praised!" (PDF, MP3)

Gloria - SATB and Piano

Both the shepherds' quiet homage to the newborn king and the angels' jubilant "Gloria in excelsis Deo!" are brought together musically in this dramatic new text. The choir and pianist will be challenged by the piece, and excited by the results of their work. (PDF, MP3)

God Moves in a Mysterious Way - SATB, Flute and Piano LicenSing#31500

This text by William Cowper is a profound statement on faith in God's providence: "You fearful saints fresh courage take, the clouds you so much dread are filled with mercy and shall break with blessings on your head." This anthem builds throughout, creating a powerful musical expression of trust. (PDF, MP3)

How Very Good and Pleasant (Psalm 133; refrain by Barbara Boertje)

I Cry Aloud to the Lord - TTBB

Imagine Lady Smith Black Mambazo singing an African-American spiritual and you have an idea of what this piece sounds like. The desperate prayer expressed in Psalm 142 makes it ideal for Lent. (PDF, MP3)

I'm Gonna Sing! - TTBB

This upbeat barbershop quartet is sure to be a favorite with any congregation. If you have four men in your choir that have a flair for tight harmonies and syncopated rhythms, give the women in your choir the week off and treat them to this piece! (PDF, MP3)

In a Still, Small Voice - Solo, SAT(B) and Piano, (opt: two treble instruments and rhythm section)

This quiet ballad uses I Kings 19:11-13 and events from Jesus' ministry to reflect on hearing the still, small voice of the Lord in our world today. Introduce the song using your choir and then have your congregation sing it as a prayer song. (get the files)

If the Lord Had Not Been on Our Side - SATB, narrator and Piano

Who would have thought that a gospel choir and narrator could combine to create an effective musical setting of Psalm 124? Well, me for one. And GIA is another--it appears as an octavo on their GlorySound series, G-7219.

Jesus, Lover of My Soul - CCLI#pending, LicenSing#31497

Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory

Jesus, Precious Jesus - CCLI#5141423, LicenSing#31474

Lo, How a Rose - SATB and Piano

One of the most lovely songs of the Christmas season is turned into a tender jazz ballad. An oft omitted verse is included ("O Flow'r whose fragrance tender...") and a short soprano solo provides extra vocal texture. This flexible arrangement includes chord symbols for additional musicians, but it can also be sung a cappella! (get the files)

Lord, We Set Apart This Time - SATB

This hymn makes the perfect bookends for a service: verse one is a call to worship and verse two is a call to service. (get the files)

Lord, We Sing to You - SATB and Piano

This upbeat anthem of praise combines a lively rhythmic melody, rich four part vocals, and a driving piano part for a sound your choir or praise team will love. The lyrics talk about the reason we sing to Him (He is worthy and has renewed our hearts with His love) and the result of His love (that we offer our lives back to Him.) This theme of offering our lives back to the Lord culminates in the bridge of the song, which is a recasting of the hymn "Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated." Published in the Augsburg Fortress collection Wade in the Water. (get the files)

My Soul Will Magnify the Lord - Solo, SATB and Piano, opt. brass and rhythm section

Talk about a musical melting pot: Mary's song from Luke 1:46-55 is combined with the genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3:23-37, a pop rhythm section is combined with a full choir, and a gospel-style solo is set against classical compositional techniques like counterpoint. Is this art? folly? a little bit of both? Here's how I see it: the R&Bish musical style amplifies the brash exuberance of the text. Ending with the genealogy is kind of odd, but if you think about it, it makes sense--even though Mary was a young girl, she knew she was a part of a bigger plan that stretched back to the beginning of time. In fact, one of my singers in the choir at Bellefield Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh thought I should patent the idea because it was so original! (get the files)

O Holy Night (solo, choir, piano, strings, brass, percussion)

One Generation Will Call to the Next - SATB and Piano

Looking for a song to celebrate and encourage intergenerational worship? This setting of Psalm 145:1-7 was one of the winning songs of the CRC sesqucentennial hymn contest and was sung in worship at the 2008 Calvin Worship Symposium. This energetic choral arrangement is fun to sing and easy to learn. (get the files)

The Beauty of Your Holiness

Worship Today published this song in a beautiful arrangement for three part men's choir, and it's also featured on the new Greg Scheer Song Book CD. It is a delicate pop style ballad which draws on images which Jonathan Edwards uses in writings such as Religious Affections and The Excellency of Christ. An SAB/piano arrangement is available in the Augsburg Fortress collection, Wade in the Water. (get the files)

The Christian's Farewell (arr. for children’s choir, fiddle, barbershop quartet, and strings)

The Heavens Declare God's Glory - SATB and Organ or Piano

Adapted from Psalm 19, this festive anthem is guaranteed to be a hit with choir and congregation alike. Parts are also available for Brass Quartet. "'The Heavens Declare' is one of the best anthems I have done in my ten years of is uplifting, inspiring, and joyful." -Carole Anderson (PDF)

The King of Love - SSA and Piano (LicenSing#31486)

The strength of this arrangement is that it lets the simple beauty of the melody speak for itself. The Irish roots of the hymn are accentuated by the piano accompaniment which is reminiscent of a Celtic harp. Sara Lynn Baird said in her Choral Journal review: "The hymn tune St. Columba is set simply in this effective arrangement... This lovely arrangement by Greg Scheer is appropriate for use by a women's choir either in concert or in church." (Now published in the Augsburg Choirbook for Women.)

The Lord's Prayer - Two-part and Piano (LicenSing#31516)

Even with just two vocal lines, there is enough musically and emotionally in this setting of Matthew 6:9-13 to stimulate the best church choir, broaden the treble chorus' repertoire, or challenge the childrens' choir. It also makes a nice duet. (get the files)

The Lord Bless You - Two-part and Piano

This short benediction is a great way to send your congregation out with joy in their heart and a song on their tongue. It is easy to learn, hard to forget, and lots of fun -- which makes it ideal for adults or children. (get the files)

They Will Enter Zion With Singing - SATB

This tender a cappella piece illuminates the comfort of God's promise: a new day where sickness, sin, and sorrow are a thing of the past. "They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away."--Isaiah 35: 5-10 (Now published by Adoro Music Publishing , listen to an MP3)

This Is the Day! (Psalm 118; soprano solo, choir, strings, brass and timpani)

Those He Finds in Need - Two-part and Piano

Using Psalm 113:7 and 8, this is a quiet song about God's compassion for the down-trodden, evoking the themes of social justice and the beatitudes. It is also very effective as a duet. (get the files)

We Are Waiting - SATB, Flute and Piano

Celebrating the majesty of the Father, the life of the Son, and the vision of the Holy Spirit, this choral anthem is a "must do" for any any church that has a flutist; but don't worry if you don't have one--the vocal writing is exciting enough to stand on its own! (Now published by Augsburg Fortress Press.)

We Three Kings - SATB and Piano

Jazz up your Christmas season with this bluesy rendition of an old standard. This arrangement practically sings itself, and it gives three of your men a chance to shine. Score also has chord symbols in case you want to add bass, guitar or other instruments. (get the files)

What Wondrous Love - SAB and Piano - LicenSing#31502

This expressive Lent or communion anthem shares a title with a great traditional hymn, but explores some different themes: incarnation, the cross, and his atoning blood. The rich chords, flowing melodic lines, and soloistic piano serve to deliver the message straight to the heart. (PDF)