Creg Choir

Greg Scheer

Deeper than the Sea
words music and arrangement by Greg Scheer
words based on Psalm 36:5-9
copright 2006

This rendition of Psalm 36:5-9 is an expansive folk-rock song of praise to the Creator whose love surpasses the grandeur of all creation. There are two versions of the song which makes this rendition of Psalm 36:5-9 perfect for a variety of occasions.

First, it is arranged for choir, piano and congregation. Chords are included so it can be accompanied by guitar and bass to get that “folk choir” kind of sound. It is a simple arrangement that will only take one rehearsal to learn, but it is by no means simplistic. If your church follows the lectionary, this scripture passage comes up on the second week of Epiphany in year C, and in Holy Week every year. The choral arrangement is published by GIA. (You can view a sample online.) It was included on the Rosthern Junior College Choir's 2007 CD Praise Song, and the students liked it so much they included it in their graduation ceremony! Listen to the MP3.

The congregational version is published in Contemporary Songs for Worship.

hear the music: MP3-praise, MP3-choir
print the music: published by GIA

Chorus 1
Your mercy Lord stretches through the heavens
Your faithfulness is like the air we breathe
Your righteousness mighty as a mountain
And Your justice Lord flows deeper than the sea

Verse 1
How precious is Your endless love
O Lord You give us shelter
Inside the shadow of Your wings
Both great and small can run to You
And rest in You their Comfort
Though storms may rage still we will sing

Verse 2
From age to age within Your house
Your people have been feasting
Tasting Your river of delights
You've satisfied our hearts with joy
As we drink from Your fountain
Our eyes are filled with glorious light