Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Songs for Congregational Singing

Congregational Songs

Praise songs. Hymns. Congregational songs. Whatever you want to call them, you have over 50 originals to choose from. The basic versions of the songs are always free. Piano accompanmiments are included for a nominal fee.

Psalm Songs

It's no secret that I hope to one day set every Psalm to music. I'm a third of the way there.

Old Text/New Tune

From Indelible Grace to Sojourn to Zac Hicks to Bifrost, today's church composers have been setting historic hymn texts to new music. Here are some of mine.

Scripture List

Are you looking for songs that your congregation can sing on a particular scriptural theme? Here's a list of songs in biblical order.

Hymn Tunes

Hey text writers! Are you looking for new tune for your latest hymn? Well, here are a bunch of tunes I've written that are listed with their meters. Maybe there's a perfect match of text and tune that's just waiting to happen. Or maybe you want to email me to discuss a new collaboration...

Hymn Arrangements

Traditional hymns, black gospel, and praise songs arranged in interesting and usable ways. If you're a pianist who has been looking for good arrangements to accompany your congregation--look no further! Many of the songs have options for worship teams and other instruments.

Island of Misfit Songs

When you've written more than 700 compositions, songs, and arrangements, you need to trim back the good to leave room for the best. I've culled a number of songs from my choral and praise pages, but didn't want to erase them from the site entirely.

Coming Soon

This is where new songs wait for their debut on the main site.