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Half the Man (2013)

While better known for his church music, Greg has been making rock and roll for years. Half the Man represents two decades of songwriting and two years of recording. There are three ways to get this music into your ear: 1. Buy the CD right here at my website. 2. Buy the MP3s (whole project or individual songs) at CDBaby or iTunes. 3. Listen on Spotify, eMusic, etc.

Album lyrics are available for those who like to look and listen.

Cry Out to God! (2011)

22 tracks of unmitigated psalmic bliss. Sung by The Choral Scholars with Norma Malefyt on piano and organ. Greg directed, arranged, sang, recorded and contributed the songs "People of the Lord (Psalm 78) and "As the Deer Pants for the Water" (Psalm 42).

The CD is available at iTunes (download only).

Global Songs for Worship (2010)

28 songs taken from the Global Songs for Worship collection that I edited, including a number that I translated and arranged: Shukuru, Yesu/Thank You, Jesus (Sudan), Abana in Heaven (Lebanon), We Are Coming, Lord, to the Table (Sierra Leone), The Lord Is Ruler Over All (Ghana), Holy Gift of Love (Mongolia), Holy, Holy, You Are Holy (Rwanda), Kwake Yesu Nasimama/Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand (Kenya). The Choral Scholars sing, Norma Malefyt plays piano/organ, and I fill out the arrangements with guitars, percussion, etc.

You can buy the CD from FaithAlive or Adoro Music.

The Greg Scheer Songbook (1999)

Ten of my early praise songs. Though I was new to worship music when I wrote and recorded these, they've held up well over the years, with six of the ten going on to be published in hymnals or as anthems. As one person described it, the songs are "singable and accessible, while being delightfully interesting." You can download it from CDBaby or purchase the CD directly from me for $10.

From the Hand of... (1993)

The best songs from Greg's singer/songwriter days. Acoustic folk songs with a twist of jazz, performed on guitar, string bass, and violin (courtesy of Elizabeth Way). Songs of love, doubt and depression with enough musical rigor to keep them from getting mopey.


Live and Thinking (1988)

Recorded live into a mostly empty auditorium one evening at Camp-of-the-Woods, this is Greg performing solo, accompanying himself on piano, guitar and bass. It's a good snapshot of his early music, with energy and angst to spare.

Meatloaf for the Masses (1985) The Amphibians

Greg's college band, The Amphibians, were a short-lived flame of new wave fury. They formed in the fall, warmed up for Larry Norman in the winter, recorded a cassette in the spring, and disbanded by summer.

Greg's music also appears on:

Canticles (Dec, 2013, Cardiphonia)

track 14: "The Weaver of Time"

Songs for the Book of Luke (Apr 2013, The Gospel Coalition)

track 12: "Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace"

Hallel Psalms (Mar 2013, Cardiphonia)

track 9: "Tremble before the Lord" (Psalm 114)

Songs for Liturgy (Nov 2012, Cardiphonia)

track 15: "The Body of Christ"


Hymns for the Ascension (May 2012, Cardiphonia)

track 15: "Awake, Sweet Gratitude"

Songs for the Supper (Nov 2011, Cardiphonia)

track 17: "O Lamb of God"

Pentecost Songs (June 2011, Cardiphonia)

track 17: "Glossolalia"
track 18: "O Holy Spirit, Come!"

Hymns of Faith (Oct 2010, Cardiphonia)

track 6: "All the Sacrifice Is Ended"

From Everlasting to Everlasting... (2002, CFAMC)

track 10: Crossfade