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01/09/17: I'm excited to announce my February 2017 "Adopt-a-Psalm" campaign in which I will compose 14 Psalm songs in 28 days. I’m looking for 14 musical patrons and Psalm lovers to “adopt” a Psalm for $150 each. Please read the details and spread the word!

01/01/17: Start the year off with a review of Greg's greatest hits from the previous 12 months: Greg Scheer's 2016 Musical Review.

01/04/17: It was an honor to have The Hymn Society of Japan include a new translation of "Feed Me, Lord" in their collection, As the Wind.

Feed Us, Lord (Japanese)

01/01/17: Start the year off with a review of Greg's greatest hits from the previous 12 months: Greg Scheer's 2016 Musical Review.

12/14/16: The colossal Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States (ed. George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016) includes my entries, "Psalters," "The Retuned Hymn Movement", and "Technology in Worship." At 2864 pages it will provide quality bedtime reading for the next year or two.

11/17/16: BUSINESS MANAGER NEEDED: For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve left my position at Church of the Servant to focus more of my time on composing, writing and speaking. (I’m still at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship part-time.) Now I’m looking to hire a business manager 5-10 hours/week. The ideal person will be an organized, independent worker with good communication skills who is comfortable with technology and has some knowledge of music, worship, and publishing. Contact me for more information. Please feel free to share this job posting or to nominate someone who might be interested. Read more here.

09/21/16: Sally Morgenthaler and I will be speaking at the Global Worship Conference 2016 in LA on October 1. "Just how global is this conference?" You wonder. With translation into English, Korean, Spanish and Japanese, I'd say it's pretty global.

06/06/16: It's probably too late to invite you to the Montreat Conference in North Carolina (June 19-24/June 26-July 1), but maybe you could join me in Waco, Texas for Baylor's Alleluia Conference (July 19-22). After that I'm home for the summer, so you'll just have to visit me in Grand Rapids!

05/14/26: What has Greg been doing lately? Teaching a 6 week course on Worship & Culture at Calvin Seminary, completing final edits on my new book Essential Worship, leading music at Western Seminary's graduation service, and running a 25K in 1:58.

04/16/16: Turbo Toll Cookie Recipe.

03/21/16: If you are an ACDA member you may have seen my article "The Church's 'Big' Choir" in the December 2015 issue of Choral Journal's "Hallelujah!" column. If you're not an ACDA member, you have two choices: join the ACDA or find it at a library.

03/01/16: Oops! I forgot to tell people that I'm in Seoul, Korea for the next few weeks. I'm finishing up the Global Worship Conference 글로벌 워십 컨퍼런스 today and then will speak at a number of local churches in the coming week. Come say hi!

02/10/16: I'm proud to be included on the latest Cardiphonia compilation. This time around the the theme was "shape note" hymns in new arrangements. If you're not familiar with the shape note singing tradition, do yourself a favor and watch the documentary Awake, My Soul, or visit The Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association. Until then, listen to The Hollow Square Hymnal.

01/31/16: The 2016 Calvin Worship Symposium just concluded. It was great to lead a workshop with Adam Tice and Sandra McCracken. The final worship service was led by a team from Church of the Servant andincluded nearly 1000 people singing my GIA anthem, Abana. That was overwhelming. The fun continued Sunday evening with a Hymn Society/AGO hymn sing at St. Adalbert's Basilica Sunday night that included my song "As the Deer" as one of a dozen "made in Michigan" hymns. (It also featured my son Simon in his bass playing debut.)

12/26/15: The latest issue of The Hymn (Fall 2015, Vol 66, No. 4) has a review of the Isaac Watts collection In Melody and Songs, which calls my tune DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING "particularly striking." It's quite an honor to have the reviewer (David Music) mention my tune out of the hundreds in the collection. And quite satisfying, as it's one of the craziest hymn tunes I've ever written. (Even crazier because it is still singable.)

Clap Your Hands12/08/15: World Library Press just released "Clap Your Hands," for SATB choir, flute/piccolo, and percussion. It's my arrangement of a Yoruban folk song with a text from Psalm 47. Not only did WLP do a meticulous job of editing the piece, they also made a really nice recording of it. I don't want to brag, but it's the lead piece in their latest choral subscription packet...

10/10/15: GIA just uploaded a recording and preview score of Kwake Yesu Nasimama/Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand. Why don't you head on over and take a look/listen?

10/05/15: I turned in my book manuscript to Baker today--my little birthday present to myself. Now all I have to do is wait a year for it to come out...

09/24/15: Want to spend an hour with Greg? (The answer, of course, is "who wouldn't?) Video and a PDF are now available for his May 16 training event, "Unlocking the Mysteries of Church Sound Systems" at Pathway Ministries in Byron Center, MI. Look out--you may just learn something.

Psalms vol 1Psalms vol 209/04/15: Cardiphonia is taking on the ambitious goal of releasing albums for the whole Psalter in coming years. I have two songs on the latest collection:
Psalm 149: Let God's People Sing a New Song
Psalm 137: So Far From Home



06/24/15: Late notice, but if you're in Grand Rapids today (Wednesday), join me in the Day of Learning at Calvin College. Lots of great workshops starting at 12:30pm. Friday I'll head to Cedar Campus in the Upper Penninsula June 26 - July 1, 2015 for "Great God of Wonders: A Celebration of Scripture, Song, and Splendor." Then I come back to Grand Rapids to attend the NPM (National Pastoral Musicians) national conference. Come say hi!

05/28/15: Do you follow me on Twitter? I think you should.

05/05/15: Kwake Yesu Nasimama/Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand for SATB choir and piano has just been released on GIA. I'm really excited about this one. It's a favorite among Kenyan Christians and it has become a heart song to many Americans as well. A choral octavo will introduce it to a whole new audience.

Indonesia flyer04/14/15: Preparing for my upcoming trip to Indonesia, April 22 - May 2, where I will speak at conferences in Jakarta and Malang. If you are in the area, I'd love to see you at one of the events. Here's my schedule (click on the link for a flyer):

03/15/15: GIA and I are on a roll with a new anthem out this week: Jesus, Lover of My Soul for SATB choir and piano.

03/06/15: Prepping for my trip to Ripon, CA next week. I'll be leading workshops all day Saturday, a Psalm Festival on Sunday evening, and a global song chapel at Ripon Christian High on Monday. Spread the word if you know people in the area.

03/04/15: Worship Leader magazine just published a short article I wrote: "The Psalms: Using the Church's Oldest Liturgy, Today" (March/April 2015, p28.)

GIA octavo header01/27/15: GIA just released my choral arrangement of the Arabic Lord's Prayer, "Abana." Perfect timing: it will be sung in the final service of the Calvin Worship Symposium and will be available for purchase at the GIA table in the Covenant Fine Arts Center.

01/25/15: We are rapidly approaching that time of the liturgical year known as "symposium." Calvin Worship Symposium, that is. This year I'll be playing bass with my Urban Doxology friends, moderating a bunch of sessions with great songwriters like Graham Kendrick, and of course leading the second annual Eric Liddel run on Friday evening. After that are conferencse in Atlanta (2/28-3/1) and Ripon, CA (3/11-17).

01/07/15: This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be helping to lead the conference Unmasking the Psalms for a New Generation at Trinity School School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. It's going to be an intimate and intense few days of learning and songwriting. What are you waiting for? Go to the website and sign up!

01/02/15: My article "Retune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace: How Old Hymn Texts Found a New Home among Evangelicals" appears in The Hymn, Vol. 65, No. 4, Autumn 2014, page 19. I like to think of it as the sequel to "Shout to the Lord: Praise & Worship from Jesus People to Gen X" in New Songs of Celebration Render(GIA, ed. C. Michael Hawn 2013).

12/26/14: Just because I haven't added a "What's New" update in a while doesn't mean I haven't been busy. In the last few months, I wrote an arrangement of "Pentecostal Splendor" for Calvin College's Lessons & Carols service, traveled to Ponds RCA in NJ for a day of workshops, judged COS's annual Psalm contest, led a Lessons & Carols service at my own church, proofed Abana as it nears publication with GIA, signed contracts with GIA for Kwake Yesu, and survived a gazillion Christmas services.

10/12/14: Just for fun I uploaded my race statistics. In other non-musical exploits, I finally made it around the block on the unicycle.

10/03/14: I just got word that Baker Books has accepted my new book for publication. The working title is Basic Worship: A Guide to the Fundamentals. And as my "everyone loves Greg" week continued, I found out that GIA will be publishing two of my recent anthems: "Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory" and "Jesus, Lover of My Soul."

08/28/14: My friend Carlos Colón wrote a beautiful song named "Vencerá el Amor" which appears in the new MorningStar collection Within the Seasons of Our Lives. I provided the English translation, "Love Shall Overcome."

08/22/14: I reconfigured my congregational song lists, separating Psalm songs and "re-tuned" hymns into new pages. Each of these pages also includes a short "greatest hits" list at the top. I think this will make navigation easier, but would be happy to hear your feedback.

08/20/14: I'm spending the day on music business: cataloging scores, updating my website, and preparing submissions for publishers. In the process, I discovered that I've written over 700 compositions, songs, and arrangements. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

07/26/14: I'm on sabbatical this summer, which means I'm also taking a little rest from my website. The first part of my sabbatical was spent in Richmond, VA with the Urban Doxology Songwriting Internship, teaching worship and songwriting. You can hear the fruits of our labor Sunday, July 27 @ 4pm online. I'm now back in Grand Rapids and continue writing my second book, whose working title is Basic Worship.

05/13/14: Hey, NWLC attendees, you can download the handout and song for "The Worship Team's 'Other' Instruments" and the "Psalms in Modern Worship" handout right here.

05/11/14: Ran a 2:00:41 25K yesterday, leaving for a conference in Virginia tomorrow. That's how I roll. If you can join me Tues-Thurs at the National Worship Leaders Conference, please do. I'll be leading workshops on "The Psalms in Modern Worship" and "The Worship Team's 'Other' Instruments."

04/16/14: Three new tunes appear with updated Isaac Watts texts in the new Darcey Press publication In Melody and Songs.

04/13/14: If you missed the first three performances of my Hallel Psalm cantata, Everlasting to Everlasting, you still have a few more chances to hear it:

03/26/14: West Michigan Christian News just featured me in this month's "Look Behind the Leader" column. It makes me feel so...newsworthy.

02/08/14: I'll be heading to Whitworth University in Spokane, WA to lead a songwriting workshop 9am-12pm on February 22. The day will be capped off with a 1pm festival of my congregational songs and followed by a visit to nearby Colbert Presbyterian Church.

01/30/14: Just finished teaching the Leading Contemporary Worship interim class at Calvin College and am now headed into the three day worship extravaganza known as the 2014 Calvin Worship Symposium. I'll be teaching a Thursday songwriting seminar with Ruth Duck and Bruce Benedict, leading a Vesper service featuring my cantata Everlasting to Everlasting, and doing a workshop called The Seven Deadly Sins of Choosing Music for Worship.

12/09/13: On the heels of Half the Man are two other recordings: my song "The Weaver of Time" appears on the new Cardiphonia compilation, Canticles, and I've released a seasonal collection at NoiseTrade called A Greg Scheer Christmas Sampler. Wait--are you getting overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the recordings? Check out my new discography page and all will become clear.

Half the Man12/05/13: Half the Man is finally out. This is a CD of 12 of my best rock/pop songs that has been brewing for over two years. If you want to know what Greg does when he's not leading worship, you need to take a listen. You can hear it in a number of ways: 1. Buy the CD right here at my website. Hand-crafted in small batches, they make great Christmas gifts. 2. Buy the MP3s (whole project or individual songs) at CDBaby or iTunes. 3. Listen on Spotify, eMusic, etc.

11/05/13: I'm pleased that the new Presbyterian (USA) hymnal, Glory to God, includes some of my songs and arrangements: #68 Heaven Opened to Isaiah, #501 Feed Us, Lord, #597 Holy, Most Holy Lord/Sanna, Sannanina, #632 People of the Lord, #640 Open Your Mouth and Praise the Lord!, and #832 Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand/Kwake Yesu Nasimama.

10/27/13: After great trips to Samford University (Birmingham, AL) and Christ's Family Church (Davenport, IA), October travels continue with a conference this week at the Baptist University of the Americas (San Antonio, TX). Please join me if you can!

09/21/13: When it rains, it pours. I just got word from GIA that they will publish two of my global choral arrangements, "Kwake Yesu" and "Abana." I'll post details as they move further down the production cycle.

09/16/13: My anthem, "As the Deer," has been part of an Augsburg Fortress choral collection for many years. Now, due to a number of requests, they have released it as its own octavo. Go buy lots of copies so they're happy with their decision!

08/06/13: The blog "The 12" just published a short article of mine about the PCUSA's decision not to include the song "In Christ Alone" in their new Glory to God hymnal: "Orthodoxy and In Christ Alone."

07/31/13: I'm slowly making my whole back catalog available online. The first, a CD of praise songs that I recorded in 1999, The Greg Scheer Song Book is now available on iTunesAmazon MP3Spotify, etc. Check it out. Write a review. Tell your friends. Kick it old school by purchasing a copy of the CD at www.gregscheer.com or CDBaby. What's next? Peruse my discography!

07/24/13: Eight years in the making, New Songs of Celebration Render: Streams of Congregational Song in the 21st Century (GIA, ed. C. Michael Hawn, 2013) is now available. This monumental overview of modern hymnody includes my chapter "Shout to the Lord: Praise & Worship from Jesus People to Gen X," which Duke Divinity's Lester Ruth called the "best succinct history of contemporary worship music I know of."

05/26/13: Every once in a while, someone else is able to articulate my hopes for my worship music better than I can myself. Here's a note I recieved from Jill in Iowa: Our church is committed to worshipping as one group¨, but trying to navigate the best of the new while retaining the best of hymnody is certainly a challenge. I'm becoming more and more convinced that finding some sort of third way.... music that is written not for the recital hall or the recording artist, but specifically written with congregations in mind seems the direction to go. I have so appreciated your music and the music of Marty Haugen, David Haas, Handt Hansen and other modern hymn writers that seem to have such a good sense of what is needed in the church today. I want you to know that there are worship leaders/planners out here that you may never meet who are so very grateful for your gifts to the church during some very challenging times.

05/26/13 Due to the diligent work of my Hong Kong friend Yvette Lau, my book The Art of Worship is now available in Chinese translation. Read the catalog description or go directly to the ordering page. Yvette had a difficult task. Of the many emails that were exhanged over the last year, we discussed clarifications of words and phrases such as "backbeat," "square" and "a fine line between a groove and a rut."

05/19/13: What's Greg doing this summer (besides the usual stuff like mowing the lawn)? This week I'll be leading morning worship at the IAPCHE conference at Calvin College, an international group of educators, who will join me in singing from Global Songs for Worship. Next up will be the CICW Grants Colloquium. If you're local to Grand Rapids, you should seriously consider signing up for the free Day of Learning where I'll be giving a workshop called "The Worship Team's 'Other' Instruments." In July (14-18) I'll be leading a "re-tuned" hymn sing and doing a presentation on the Praise & Worship Movement at the Hymn Society Conference in Richmond, VA. Looking to the fall will be a visit to Samford University October 7-9, and a Novevmber 14 hymn sing at the Calvin Noontime Series called "Hymns that Time Forgot."

05/09/13: The new CRC/RCA hymnal, Lift Up Your Hearts, is now available. It includes three of my songs (#332 As the Deer, #562 We Will Extol/One Generation, #728 People of the Lord), three of my global song translation/arrangements (#609 Shukuru Yesu, #708 Kwake Yesu, #911 Abana), and a bunch of my arrangements (#15 The First Place, #283 O God of Love, #298 Salaam, #349 I Will Sing a Song of Triumph, #535/811 The Lord Be with You, #608 Salvation Belongs, #651 By the Babylonian Rivers, #744 In Great Thanksgiving, #761 I Will Hide Your Word, #807 All Who Are Thirsty, #882 Grant Now Your Blessing).

04/06/13: Hear the inimitable Brooks Ritter sing my song "Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace" on The Gospel Coalition's new CD, Songs for the Book of Luke. The whole project is great. Buy it.

03/10/13: A new Cardiphonia compilation CD is out--that's always a source of rejoicing. This time Hallel Psalms is the theme. A trippy recording of my Psalm 114 song, "Tremble Before the Lord," is included.

03/07/13: The guitar part and a demo MP3 are now available at the GIA website for my anthem "Deeper Than the Sea." Get out your credit card and let the purchasing begin!

03/01/13: Looking for some Pentecost songs? The latest issue of Reformed Worship (March 2013 No.107, p18) includes an article written by me, Elly Boersma, and Laura de Jong entitle "Singing the Spirit." Among a number of recommendations is my own song based on Veni Creator Spiritus, O Holy Spirit, Come!.

02/14/13: After a busy Christmas at the church, a hand operation a few days before the new year, and the Calvin Worship Symposium in late January, you'd think I'd kick up my feet and take February off. No, my friends, you should know me better than that. I'm spending the month taking the FAWM challenge. The February Album Writing Month challenge is to write 14 songs in 28 days. I'm concentrating on a multi-movement work based on the Hallel Psalms (113-118). I'll see you in March!

12/20/12: My blog is back in business, thanks to the kindness and expertise of John Kloosterman. To celebrate, I'm offering a special deal on the hot-off-the-presses, quickly-learnable, We Three Kings. The SATB choir parts won't take any more than one rehearsal to learn, there are roles for male soloists and rhythm section, and the string parts bring it to the next level. Email me and I'll hook you up.

12/12/12: My blog is broken--it's still readable, but I can't add new posts. I'm working to fix it, but in the meantime, some people have asked for my arrangement of Ideo/Down to Earth from Piae Cantiones. Here's the leadsheet and an MP3 of the COS Guitarchestra playing it last year.

11/15/12: Looking for something to do this weekend? Join me in Halifax at All Nations Church where I'll do a Saturday morning praise team workshop and a Sunday morning Psalmfest.

11/08/12: My song "The Body of Christ" is included in the latest, greatest Cardiphonia compilation, Songs for Liturgy.

10/25/12: I was commissioned to write a theme song for the Diakonia Remixed initiative of the Christian Reformed Church. Now it's your turn to get creative. Download the song files and remix to your heart's delight. You may just be the lucky winner of $200 and a CRCNA Deacon's Handbook!

09/26/12: I was really pleased to find out that one of my songs, "Lord, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace," has been chosen to be included in the Gospel Coalition’s Songs for the Book of Luke project. It’s a big honor. If you want a sneak peak (leadsheet, piano, MP3) go to my musicblog.

09/03/12: If you're interested in translations of "People of the Lord" (Psalm 78), there are 10 of them.

08/04/12: I just returned contracts for songs that will be appearing in upcoming hymnals. Glory to God (PCUSA) includes "Feed Us, Lord," "People of the Lord," and three global songs. Lift Up Your Hearts (CRC/RCA) includes "As the Deer," "People of the Lord," "One Generation," and 13 arrangments.

07/22/12: On Friday I'll be at Virginia Wesleyan College where I'll give four workshops as part of their 2012 Sacred Music Summer Conference. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. Hey, if I'm going to exhaust myself teaching a day long marathon of workshops, the least you can do is show up, right?

Cardiphonia Ascension05/23/12: My new song, "Awake, Sweet Gratitude," is included on the recently released Cardiphonia compilation Ascension Songs. This is a great collection of 18 retuned hymns from great songwriters around the USA and beyond. It's three days too late for this year's Ascension Sunday, but you can put the PDF leadsheet on file for next year.

05/19/12: I've just found out that my book, The Art of Worship, has sold 10,000 copies. That's pretty good for a book about worship. But just in case you think I'll get a big head or that I'm living a life of celebrity, here's a little reality check: a picture of me at a recent book signing... Greg Scheer, book signing

05/04/12: Probably too little warning, but I'm heading out for a weekend in Atlanta, leading at the Sound Worship conference. I think it's going to be a good event. If you decide to stay home and plan your Ascension Day service, here's a little gift: Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! The quintessential Ascension hymn, set to Beethoven's tune, made friendly for praise teams. Email me and I'll hook you up with a piano part for $2.

04/17/12: Do you subscribe to my music blog? You should. I just started a new series of posts called Spring Cleaning, in which I'll be posting a smattering of recordings from the last 25 years. Check it out: musicblog.gregscheer.com.

03/17/12: I'll be headed to Atlanta Monday for The Singing Church conference at Candler Theological Seminary, where I'll give a talk called "Retune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace: How Old Hymn Texts Found a New Home among Evangelicals." Won't you join me?

Psalms for All Seasons03/04/12: What's that, you say? You really love the Psalms for All Seasons hymnal, and now you're ready to take it to the next level? Well, I've got just the thing for you: Cry Out to God! is a CD featuring 22 songs from the hymnal. More accurately, it was a CD. But it sold out. Now it's only available at iTunes.

01/31/12: Psalms for All Seasons is now available. In fact, we used it all this weekend at the Calvin Worship Symposium. It was awesome. (Both the symposium and the book.) If you care at all about singing the Psalms (and you should), you need to get this collection. Not only will you get multiple songs in multiple musicals styles for each Psalm, but you'll get a bunch of my Psalm songs:

01/21/12: The Calvin Worship Symposium is next week (Jan 26-28), where I'll be leading a worship service, giving a workshop on hand percussion, and moderating a seminar on re:tuned hymns. Next up is a trip to Californian where I'll lead an Art of Worship session at New California Conservatory (Sat, Feb 25, 1-5pm), global worship workshops and chapel at Ontario County Christian High School (Feb 27-28) and meet with worship majors at Biola University (Feb 28).

01/02/12: One of my New Year traditions is updating my database of compositions. It's been a productive year, with over 60 new compositions. Just for fun I'm going to give you a peak at the full list: Greg's Composition Database. Maybe your New Year's resolution should be to perform one of these. Or add to next year's list by commissioning a new piece.

12/04/11: Let the updating commence! I just added to my hymn tunes page. If you're a lyricist looking for fresh tunes, this is your lucky day.

12/03/11: I just finished recording and mixing a CD of Psalms with the Choral Scholars, which will come out in January. That and a slew of new songs have been keeping me busy lately. (Subscribe to my music blog and you won't miss a thing.) But don't despair. Soon I will begin updating these pages more frequently, including a new series of piano accompaniments for hymn singing.

10/26/11: I just got word that work has started on an Inodnesian translation of The Art of Worship. Thanks to all my Indonesian friends who worked behind the scenes to make that possible!

10/16/11: Recently, a friend asked in his blog, "where have all the Trinitarian songs gone?" Well, Bruce, they're all hanging out right here at www.gregscheer.com! "Eternal Family" is a song that explores the relationship of the Trinity--the Godhead as community. "Make Us One within Your Spirit" applies the Trinity's relationship as a paradigm for the Church's life together. Three more (whoa--trinitarian!) name the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: We Are Waiting, Lord, We Set Apart This Time, and House of Praise.

09/17/11: Greg will be globe-trotting throughout the coming month. This weekend was a worship team retreat with Paul Ryan's Calvin College musicians at Camp Geneva. Monday is a trip to Atlanta for The Singing Church. Next week I leave for Ukraine where pastor Dave Vroege and I will be leading worship conferences. Please contact me if you know people in Kyiv who might be interested in attending the ПРОСЛАВЛЕНИЕ В ЦЕРКВИ conference October 5-7. Back home, I'll be leadng the singing at the Classis Grand Rapids East worship service on October 16 at 4pm in the Calvin College Chapel.

08/19/11: A friend emailed to tell me his church is singing my setting of Psalm 52 this Sunday. It got me to thinking about The Psalms That Got Away--Psalm settings I've composed that won't be included in the forthcoming Psalms for All Seasons. Contemporary leaning folk should check out One Thing (27:4), Deeper than the Sea (36:5-9), and Lead Me to the Rock (61). Choral and hymn types can try The Heavens Declare God's Glory (19), A New Song (96), and Those He Finds in Need (113:7-8). If you're somewhere in the middle, email me to see the congregation-tested-but-not-yet-uploaded Sing to God Our Strength (81), Shout for Joy (100), The Hills and Mountains Tremble (114) and Rest in the Lord, My Soul (127). And don't forget you can see all my Psalm songs at my list of songs by scripture.

07/16/11: The mammoth Psalms for All Seasons is coming along nicely, and includes a half dozen of my Psalm settings. In related news, I'm knee deep in recording a CD with The Choral Scholars that will serve as a companion to the Psalms for All Seasons hymnal. Try to be patient: both are due in January 2012.

06/11/11: It's the time of year when worship warriors hit the road to conquer near and distant lands. I can't tell you what they'll be doing, but for me this summer starts right here in town with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship's Grants Colloquium June 14-16. I'll be giving a workshop on blended worship and leading a Guitarchestra in the Wednesday evening worship service. Both are open to the public. Next up will be a plenary and 3 workshops at the 14th Korean Worship & Music Conference, June 27-30 in Atlanta. July 25-28 sees me back in G.R., leading worship for the Association of Reformed and Liturgical Worship. In August, I'll take a little breather before heading out in the fall to Atlanta for "The Singing Church," an academic conference in Atlanta and a two week trip for worship training in Ukraine. As always, I'd love to meet you in person if you're at one of these events!

06/10/11: Every wonder about the role the offering plays in worship? I take up that question as a guest in the Q&A column of Reformed Worship, June 2011, issue #100, on pages 46-47.

05/04/11: If you're in the Waco, TX area this weekend, plan to attend the Southern Harmony concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 7 at the Armstrong Browning Library on the Baylor University campus. The concert will include my new piece A Christian's Farewell, commissioned by my friend Carlos Colón.

05/02/11: If you have had trouble finding the Korean translation of my book The Art of Worship, it is now back online at YWAM Korea.

04/14/11: The new United Methodist resource Worship & Song just came out. It includes my communion song Feed Us, Lord, so you know it's worth buying!

03/13/11: A number of different versions of my May the Mind of Christ, My Savior have been circulating. I just edited the leadsheet and added a new piano accompaniment, so if you want the definitive version go to the song's page. Speaking of definitive versions, I always keep the latest, greatest versions of my songs here at my website. If you have an editing question, or, heaven forbid, find a proofing error, please email me.

02/15/11: Last week I finished a commission for children's choir, barbershop quartet, fiddle, piano and strings, yesterday I turned in an orchestral commission. Who wants to sign up for next week's commission? No really, having a piece of music written specfically for your musicians is a great experience. Feel free to email me to explore the possibilities.

02/02/11: An astute visitor found missing chords in I Surrender All to You. I filled in the missing chords and took the opportunity to add capo chords to the lead sheet. While I was at it, I wrote a piano accompaniment for Lead Me to the Rock (Psalm 61). These are two songs that work well with praise band. Get rockin' my friends!

12/21/10: Are you new to www.gregscheer.com? Poking around, curious, but don't know where to begin? I have just the thing for you: A Beginner's Guide to Greg. This handy little primer suggests a few of my favorite or most popular compositions in various genres, making it a good starting place for newbies. Of course, you're more than welcome to click around the site the old-fashioned way, too!

12/21/10: You may have heard "A Mark of Grace" at last year's Calvin Worship Symposium or at the recent Church of the Servant Lessons & Carols service. It now has its very own page with free downloads and audio samples.

12/02/10: I led a "new song chapel" at Calvin on Monday, teaching the Brazilian song "For the Troubles and the Suffering of the World." It's a beautiful lament from Global Songs for Worship and For Everyone Born. You can view a video of the chapel here: http://player.vimeo.com/video/17295005.

11/05/10: I haven't updated this page in a month. "Has Greg retired?" You ask. Hardly. I've taken a little break from the choral and congregational grind, and have been working on some recordings intended for "production libraries." You can hear some of them here. And if you need some music for a commercial or movie, you just let me know.

Built on the Rock10/10/10: First of all, 10/10/10, how cool is that? Almost as cool as having a new piece released by Adoro Music Publishing. They've done a beautiful job with my anthem "Built on the Rock." If you have a church building dedication, ordination, or stewardship emphasis, this rugged anthem will help communicate that we build our "earthly temples" in service of heavenly truths.

09/19/10: Paul Ryan and I will be heading up to the Refresh and Renew Conference at Redeemer University College wtih a vanful of Calvin College worship apprentices to lead our 3 session "Art of Worship Leadership" workshop. If you're in the Ancaster, Ontario area please join us. Next month I'll be taking part in the 2010 Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers national conference at Indiana Weslyan University.

08/15/10: "Perfect Harmony?" appeared on page 27 of the Sept 2010 issue of Reformed Worship. If you attended Church of the Servant, you would have read it first as a Liturgy Lesson. Speaking of Liturgy Lessons, my friend David Taylor attended COS on a Sunday that included "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" as the Liturgy Lesson. He made it available to the followers of his very fine blog. Just can't get enough? Hunt down "Musical Mentoring" in the March/April 2010 Creator Magazine or "Fair Trade Music" in the December 2009 Ethnodoxology.

08/03/10: The new site design is online, as you can see. Yes, there are logistical kinks to work out, but I think it looks pretty snazzy, don't you? Special thanks to Paul Stoub and Matt Hoeker who did such great work on my site. Hire them if you want your site to look top-notch!

Assembly Requied07/24/10: My Taizé-ish "Come, All You Weary" is included in the recently released Assembly Required. Augsburg Fortress has come up with a winning idea and title on this, and I'm glad to be a part of the collection. For those of you who like your weariness in a little more funky vein (with cowbell!), check out "If You're Weary."

07/15/10: Working on the new site design in the airplane on the way back from the Hymn Society conference in Birmingham, AL. Should be ready to go live soon!They Will Enter Zion

06/04/10: The Chinese Baptist Press of Hong Kong has signed contracts for a Chines translation of The Art of Worship. Even cooler, my composition student, Yvette Lau, will be doing the translating. I'll let you know when it comes out.

05/31/10: Almost 20 years ago, my friends Harry and Pam Plantinga bid on "a scripture of your choosing set to music by Greg" at a Bellefield Presbyterian youth group auction. Last week, the choral anthem based on Isaiah 35:5-10 that I composed for them,"They Will Enter Zion with Singing," was released by Adoro Music Publishing.

05/19/10: Global Songs for Worship is now out! Two years in the making, it features 57 songs from all over the world, many of which have never been published previously. At $3.95 for orders of 10 or more, they are priced to sell. A 28 song companion CD was released previously.

05/12/10: Where will Greg be this summer?

June 1-3 I'll take part in the Psalm Colloquium sponsored by the CICW.

June 15-17 I'll be doing some worship leading at the Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity conference, which is followed immediately by the

June 18-28 Uniting General Council/World Communion of Reformed Churches, which is followed immediately by the

June 29-July 1 CICW Grants Colloquium. (June 30 of this event is open to the public, so you can come and hear me lead a workshop on singing global worship songs.)

July 11-15 I'll be in Birmingham, AL at the Hymn Society conference where I'll give a presentation about my work editing Global Songs for Worship. Things cool down a bit until

August 29 when I'll do a few workshops at the Focus on Leadership conference in Waupan, WI.

As always, if you're at one of these events I'd love to meet you!

04/26/10: My article "Musical Mentoring" appears on pages 15-17 of the March/April 2010 issue of Creator Magazine (Vol 32, No 2 for those who are interested in such things). It's more or less a reprint of the article that appeared in Reformed Worship, but this version includes a section on my early baseball career.

04/21/10: A site redesign is in the works. It will look nice. Global Songs for Worship CD cover

03/10/10: Looking for that last-minute, practically-sings-itself, easy-on-the-budget anthem for Lent or Holy Week? Why don't you give my anthem "Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed" a try? Take a listen, then make as many copies as you need for a paltry $15.

02/02/10: The Calvin Worship Symposium is now just a delightful memory. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Some people have asked where they can get scores for my songs that were sung during symposium worship services. Look no further! Download "People of the Lord" and the brand new "A Mark of Grace."

01/29/10: Global Songs for Worship--a new CD by The Choral Scholars, Norma de Waal Malefyt (piano/organ) and me--is now out. If you didn't pick one up at the Calvin Worship Symposium, you can buy one from Adoro Music Publishing for a mere $10. "What?" you say, "a recording of 28 songs from around the world for a paltry ten spot?" Yes, my friend, you heard me right.

01/21/10: I'm feverishly trying to finish preparing for this year's Calvin Worship Symposium. Some highlights for me this year include the release of the Global Songs for Worship CD (it's one of the symposium freebies), leading worship with Sojourn Community Church musicians and Keith and Kristyn Getty, and the premiere of a new song called "A Mark of Grace."

12/11/09: My arrangement of Ira Sankey's "There Were Ninety and Nine" that first appeared in Singing the New Testament is now also included in Bert Polman/Faith Alive's new Hymns for Worship.

11/28/09: My arrangement of "Come Thou Fount" for violin and piano is included in the recently released Augsburg Fortress collection Piano Plus Volume 2: Hymns for Piano and Solo Instrument. I haven't gotten a chance to read through all the other arrangements in the book, but it looks like it would be well worth buying.

11/15/09: On Monday I led a chapel at Calvin College focusing on my song "Rest in the Lord, My Soul," based on Psalm 127. Read my blog post for more information. It seems that Calvin College can't get enough of me and the Psalms--I'll be giving a talk this Thursday at Calvin's CALL (Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning) noontime series entitled "Is there still a place for Psalm-singing in worship?" I'd love to see you there!

11/06/09: I just had a record-breaking month: in October, 29,505 unique visitors came to my website. That means two things: a lot of people are coming to check out my music (thank you!), and each one of you is unique.

10/10/09: While in Singapore this summer I gave a plenary about the arts in worship. Later I was asked to turn my presentation into an article for the Methodist School of Music newsletter, MSMNews. I was quite pleased with the results. Since it summarizes some of the things I've been thinking about lately, I thought some of you would like to read it. Check out page 2 of the August 2009 MSMNews to read the article "Nothing But the Truth: The Worship Arts as a Theology of the Heart." While you're there, check out the pictures in the rest of the newsletter where you'll get a feel for the conference I attended in Singapore

Art of Worship, Korean

09/30/09: Bob Kauflin describes The Art of Worship as "Comprehensive, practical, winsome, and insightful. Especially helpful for churches seeking to introduce modern music to their congregation." He even liked it enough to include it as one of the give away books at the WorshipGod08 conference. Thanks, Bob! Now let's return the love and check out his book Worship Matters. It looks great.

08/17/09: My book The Art of Worship was recently released in a Korean translation by YWAM Korea. I can't understand a word of it, but it looks great. I'd love to hear from anyone who has read it in Korean. I'm dying to know what the translator did with things like "pivot tone modulation."

07/18/09: It's one thing to write articles, but you know you've hit the big time when someone quotes your article. Frances Swaggart (yes, Jimmy's wife) quotes my article The Changing World of Church Music in her "Contemplative Spirituality--The Worship of the Modern Church" on pages 12-14 of the The Evangelist (vol 40, no 3). Be forewarned--she doesn't think much of the global church, liturgy, the early church or Robert Webber. As far as I'm concerned you can have your opinions about the first three, butd don't disrespect Robert Webber. He is one of my heroes.

07//06/09: This week I head to Berlin to enjoy my prize for winning the Calvin09 hymn contest. What's the prize, you ask? Three days in Berlin. If you hail from Berlin, let me know. I could use a tour guide. Once I get back I promise I'll get cracking on website updates. I plan to add more piano accompaniments for my congregational songs, finally move 25 new pieces from "coming soon" to the regular catalog, add more MP3s, and maybe even redesign the site and give you a way to buy merch. (Greg Scheer coffee mugs, anyone?)

06/01/09: "People of the Lord" was sung beautifully in both Geneva and Grand Rapids yesterday. It also appears in two recent publications: Reformed Worship. June 2009 #92, p28-29 and Different Voices, a new quarterly about music and worship in the Scottish churches, No.3 2009, p17, 20-21.

05/27/09: Greg goes international! I'm busy preparing for the "Recovering the Heart, Uncovering the Art" at the Methodist School of Music in Singapore June 14-17. Right after that I'll head down to North Carolina for the FUMMWA Music & Liturgical Arts Week at Lake Junaluska June 21-26. A few weeks later I'll head to Berlin for the Calvin Festtag, where they'll sing my song "People of the Lord." The song will also be a part of the Pentecost Day (05/31/09) service in Geneva, Switzerland celebrating Calvin's 500th birthday. The televised version of that service will be incorporated into the 5pm Pentecost service in the Calvin College Chapel. And you wonder why I haven't been updating my website much lately...

04/05/09: Michael Burkhardt's arrangement of my song "I'll Be a Witness to the Light" will be included in the new collection From A Distant Home: Six Global Introductions and Accompaniments published by MorningStar. Cool.

02/19/09: You've seen the leadsheet, you've heard the demo, now you can download "In a Still, Small Voice" for choir and piano (with solo and two optional treble instruments).

02/12/09: I'm doing a little spring cleaning at the site. If you have trouble finding anything, just let me know.

01/26/09: As the Bible says, "Thou who snoozest, loseth."* While you were snoozing, GIA just released my song "Deeper than the Sea" on their LeavenSong series (G-7309). I've also signed contracts with Augsburg for an arrangement of "Come Thou Fount" for violin and piano, Abingdon for "Shukuru" and "Kwake Yesu," and Adoro for "Built on the Rock," "They Will Enter Zion with Singing" and a cantata based on Psalm 113. But the Bible also says, "God helps those who help themselves,"* so help yourself to all the free music that remains right here at www.gregscheer.com. (*The Bible doesn't really say that.)

01/24/08: Faith Alive has just released Contemporary Songs for Worship which includes my songs "One Generation" (#4), "We Are Waiting" (#18), and "Deeper than the Sea" (#25), as well as seven arrangements. Unfortunately, "One Generation" has an error in measure 10. To get the authorized version, look no further.

01/10/08: The new year starts with a few workshops. Come to Third CRC of Kalamazoo on Thursday, January 15 at 7:00pm as Norma de Waal Malefyt and I present "Heart Songs, Global and Local." Later in the month you can attend the Calvin Worship Symposium where I'll lead workshops on global songs, composing and mentoring musicians. Mention this website and you'll get free admission. (Just kidding. The workshop in Kalamazoo is already free, and I can't get you any discounts to the symposium. But you can still say hi.)

11/26/08: While the rest of the world is closing out a truncated work week and anticipating turkey, football and shopping, we--the few, the proud, the music ministers--are putting the finishing touches on our Advent services. Here's a little gift: The King Shall Come. (12/10/08 addendum: We sang the song at Church of the Servant this week. Listen to the recording at my music blog.)

11/20/08: Have you ever thought about commissioning a choral anthem, hymn, or arrangement?

11/2/08: Looking for Christmas music that your praise team can lead? I've got just the thing. "A Great and Mighty Wonder" is an old text with a new tune. Here's the recently revised lead sheet and a brand new piano accompaniment. You can hear an MP3 at my musicblog.

10/14/08: Big news--my song "People of the Lord" was chosen as the official jubilee hymn of the calvin09 celebration, which marks the 500th anniversary of Jean Calvin's birth.

As Clifton Kirkpatrick, president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) and the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) says, “People of the Lord” suits the Calvin Jubilee admirably. “The hymn encourages the people of God to hand on the heritage of the faith to the next generation - as Calvin successfully did before us.” Moreover the composer has created a “fascinating link between the early Reformed hymns and the modern world”. It is now for the Reformed Churches to “play the hymn in as many worship services, devotions or congregational events as possible during the Calvin Year.”

So get out there and sing that hymn! You can read more and download the song in English, French, Spanish or German.

9/14/08: What's been keeping Greg busy lately? A new year at COS, for starters. Wrapping up the Faith Alive global songbook, for another. Oh yes, and buying a beautiful new home in G.R.usalem. But don't worry, there will be new posts on my music blog and the COS worship blog in the next few days, and new songs added here once they're edited and registered with CCLI.

8/2/08: Last night we sang my song May the Mind of Christ My Savior at the Worship! 2008 conference. We'll sing it again in Wilmington, DE in a few days. Feel free to download the PDF leadsheet or listen to the MP3. You can also find a simple piano accompaniment in the Sing with Me songbook.

8/31/08: As I've mentioned before, I'm slowly compiling a collection of piano accompaniments for congregational singing. The latest is available for a limited time right here as a score or at my music blog as an MP3 demo. Enjoy it while it lasts!

8/7/08: Two new projects have just been released, the fruits of my collaboration with lyricist Colin Gordon-Farleigh. The first is a collection of 11 love songs sung by Susan Marrs, When I'm with You. The next is a collection sung by the Russian vocal quintet Lyra entitled Beautiful Sound.

7/31/08: It seems that one of the pages of "Rest in the Lord" was cut off in the Call to Worship article. Because I'm a swell guy, I'm giving it to you free here. You're welcome.

7/12/08: The latest issue of Call to Worship (Volume 41.4, 2008, pages 16-24) includes an article I wrote called "Sing to the Lord a New Psalm." I'm excited that it includes four of my Psalm settings: Rest in the Lord, My Soul (Psalm 127), Hear My Words, O Lord (Psalm 5), Sing to God Our Strength (Psalm 81), and Deeper than the Sea (Psalm 36:5-9).

7/6/08: Singing the New Testament is a new hymnal with songs for many New Testament readings. It includes my songs "Grace and Peace to You" (Romans 1:1-7) and "Faith, First and Last" (Romans 1:8-17). It also includes my hymn tune STUFEN. Oh wait, they ended up using TOULON instead. Bummer. I guess it's still an orphan tune. But they did use my arrangements for "There Were Ninety and Nine" (38), "Lift Up Our Eyes" (74), "Ten Lepers" (86), "Who Has Known the Mind of the Lord" (141), "We All Are Now One People" (183), "The First Place" (199), "Lo, I Have Come to Do Your Will" (219) and "Salvation Belongs to Our God" (256).

6/25/08: At this morning's CICW grants colloquium worship service, we'll sing "One Generation Will Call to the next. Why don't you download the congregational version or the choral arrangementand sing it in your church? While you're at it, let me suggest a similar song: "We Are Waiting" is equally at home with a praise band or choir, and it will soon be available in a new arrangement in the forthcoming Contemporary Songs for Worship.

5/28/08: Where in the world is Greg? Right now he's in Grand Rapids, but next week he's helping lead worship at RCA general synod in Holland (MI), June 24-26 he's leading worship and a workshop at the CICW grants colloquium, and July 30-August 6 he'll be leading three sessions at FUMMWA's Worship 2008! in Grand Rapids and Wilmington. He'll cap off all these summer activities with a September 20 Art of Worship Team Leadership workshop at Redeemer College in Ontario and the October 10-12 CFAMC conference in IA. Let me know if you need more info on any of these events!

4/17/08: Yesterday I met hymn writer Mary Louise Bringle. One of the interesting things about her is that she starts with a tune and then writes a text--very unusual in the hymn world. It made me think about all the "orphan" tunes I have languishing in my compositional filing cabinet. It inspired me to make those tunes available to text writers who are waiting to give them a loving home. Let me introduce to you SASQUATCH (, RUSTY (, TWISTER (, and MAESTRO (

4/14/08: Last week when I was at the Transforming Culture symposium in Austin, I did a short interview with Kevin Gibson. You can hear it at his very excellent http://worshipodcast.com/. (You'll need to scroll down a bit to get to Episode 5, but take your time--all the episodes are interesting.)

4/13/08: I'm thinking about creating a book of piano arrangements for accompanying congregational singing--something like my three hymn arrangements at the CICW website or like this new one of O Splendor of God's Glory Bright. What do you think? Would you buy a book of 15-20 piano arrangements like this?

3/15/08: Has it really been two months since my last update? Yes, I guess it has. I'm still alive and well, but haven't had time to update my web pages as much as I'd like lately. I'm knee deep in Easter season preparations at COS, working on the upcoming Transforming Culture symposium in Austin, and finishing editorial work on the forthcoming global songbook for the CICW. But don't worry. I'll be back in full force before you know it.

1/26/07: Did you sing "One Generation Will Call to the Next" in the chapel service at this year's Calvin Worship Symposium? Did you know that you can download the congregational version or the choral arrangement for free right here at gregscheer.com?

1/20/07: This week marks the countdown to the Calvin Worship Symposium. I'll be leading a Thursday seminar with Paul Ryan called The Art of Worship Team Leadership, Fri/Sat workshops on The Worship Team's "Other" Instruments and Where Can I Find that Song?, as well as helping to lead a few worship services. I'll be busy, but not so busy that you can't say hello!

1/5/07: I just did my post-New Year count down, and it seems that I have over 400 songs, compositions and arrangements to my credit. Certainly you can find something you like...

12/22/07: Lest anyone thinks I'm an ivory tower composer who has lost touch with the working musician, take a stroll over to my church's website where you'll find a worship blog that has recordings from recent services and things I've written for the church bulletin. And of course, my musical diary is always an open book.

12/3/07: Anyone up for a roadtrip to Austin, Texas? I'll be speaking at the Transforming Culture symposium in Austin, April 1-3. It looks like a fantastic line up, including Jeremy Begbie, Andy Crouch, Eugene Peterson and G.R.usalem's own John Witvliet. Register at a discount before January 1.

11/24/07: This time of year is a time of giving. In that spirit of giving I'm making available a bunch of piano accompaniments from the Greg Scheer Songbook: A City On a Hill, My Soul Will Glorify the Lord, Sing to the Lord a New Song, House of Praise, I Will Wait Upone the Lord, and Let His Name Be Lifted Up. By the way, you can still buy the CD--and it still rocks.

11/14/07: Looking for Advent music? (part 2) Here are some songs on my site that you can use: The text “On Jordan’s Bank The Baptist’s Cry” can be paired with the tune PUER NOBIS (“O Splendor of God’s Glory Bright”). “O Sing a Song of Bethlehem” sounds beautiful in a pop rock style. Have your choir sing my jazz ballad arrangement of “Lo, How a Rose." Try my recastings of the classic carols “The King Shall Come” and “A Great and Mighty Wonder.” Finally, my recently composed "I'll Be a Witness to the Light" has become a favorite Advent song in some churches.

11/1/07: Looking for Advent music? Check out my article "A New Thing: modern music for Advent" in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Worship Arts, pages 7-9.

10/20/07: On Saturday Nov 3 at 3:30pm the St. Ambrose University Choir will sing my new piece "Spring and Fall: to a young child" in the Allaert Auditorium on the St. Ambrose campus. I fully expect it to be a wonderful performance. Sadly, I can't be there because I'll be leading The Art of Worship Team Leadership workshop with Paul Ryan at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL, so please applaud the choir extra hard for me!

10/6/07: I just finished adding my choral catalog to the scriptural song index. You're welcome.

9/22/07: Today is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I've always wanted to write music for a school alma mater or fight song. In 1998 my song "As the Deer" was the runner up tune in a search for the Bryant High School alma mater. I've been looking for a way to avenge that bitter defeat ever since. And finally my day has come! I just read the press release announcing that my music was chosen in the Illinois Central College fight song competition. You can listen to it at my music blog. In celebration of this momentus compositional victory, I am making all the music on this website available for free download. Oh that's right, all the music on this website is always available for free download...

9/15/07: Have you always wished you could search all the music at gregscheer.com by scripture? Your wish is my command. The new scriptural song index has all of my congregational songs listed. The songs from my choral catalog will be added soon.

9/14/07: I just returned from speaking at a delightful day-long conference of the Association of Christian College Music Educators in St. Louis. Next up is the Contemporary Worship Institute in Kansas City (Oct 3), The Our Community in Worship: Tie that Binds with the American Baptist Church of Michigan (Oct 19), and The Art of Worship Team Leadership with Paul Ryan at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL (Nov 3). I'd love to have you join me at one of these!

8/26/07: So you think Greg is a two dimensional composer, able to produce only music for choir and congregation? Think again! I offer you a swinging rendition of Go Down Moses for jazz combo. The chart is scored for 2 trumpets, alto and tenor sax, trombone, optional flute and rhythm section. Still want more proof? You'll find lots of variety at my musical diary. The latest post is a recording of a composition for string orchestra, but you'll find everything from punk to a college fight song.

8/18/07: I had another wild weekend of updating my website. This time I worked on my choir page. You will now find over 30 scores for choir, many of which have MP3 demos and most of which will only set you back $15 for your whole choir.

8/17/07: The leader's edition of Sing with Me just came out. In it you'll find lots of my arrangements.

7/16/07: This weekend I went crazy updating my website. There are now over 50 congregational songs with descriptions, scripture references, PDF files and in many cases MP3s. That'll keep you busy for a while...

7/13/07: I've got three songs in the new Augsburg Fortress collection Wade in the Water: "Lord, We Sing to You," "Maybe the Rain" and "The Beauty of Holiness." At a mere $9.95, you'd be foolish not to buy it!

7/3/07: There's still time to register for the Worship Teleseminar. My session on global worship takes place on Tuesday, July 24, 8-9pm (EST), but there is a great line up of speakers throughout the summer that you won't want to miss. And it's free!

6/17/07: My setting of the Charles Wesley text "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" won an honorable mention in the David C. Lam Christian Hymn Society International Hymn Tune Competition. Read the press release or download a PDF file of the music. In other runner-up news, my song "One Generation Will Call to the Next" was included in a booklet that was handed out to some 14,000 people who attended the CRCNA's Sesquicentennial Celebration this past weekend. That's the good news. The bad news? My name was spelled wrong.

6/14/07: I just returned from a week of leading worship with C.J. Grier and Jacqui Lewis at the 2007 RCA General Synod in Pella, Iowa. Some people have asked me about the song of justice and joy, "From the City to the Country," that we sang Monday. Here it is in a PDF format leadsheet and an MP3 demo. Feel free to ask me about any of the other songs.

5/20/07: Are you looking for music to celebrate the CRC sesquicentennial? Look no further! You may already know about my song "One Generation Will Call to the Next" which is one of the official sesquicentennial celebration hymns. First Christian Reformed Church of Barrie has even blogged about using it in their worship. Now there's a simple choral arrangement of the song that provides a great way to introduce it to your congregation. But wait--that's not all! Act now and you can download Bert Polman's winning sesquicentennial text "Grace through Every Generation" set to a brand new tune. Now that's cause for celebration!

5/16/07: On Sunday evening I returned from two wonderful weeks in Uganda. Soon I will be posting some audio blog reports at the CICW website that describe the trip and let you hear some of the worship I experienced.

5/16/07: My article “Singing the Psalms in Modern Worship” appears in the latest issue of Reformed Worship (June 2007, Number 84) on pages 46-47.

4/6/07: I am now a member of LicenSing. So be nice--any time you use one of my songs, please report it to LicenSing or CCLI.

3/30/07: I've been asked to join a team of worship leaders to do worship training in Uganda at the end of April. Want to learn more? Read "Cheeseballs for Uganda."

3/7/07: Check out some new, seasonal music: "What Wondrous Love" for SAB Choir and Piano would be perfect as a Lent anthem, and "Feed Us, Lord" is a congregational song that can be introduced during Lent and used as a communion song throughout the year. Get 'em while they're hot!

2/17/07: Three of my new piano arrangements for accompanying congregational singing have been added to the CICW website: "Guide My Feet," "Just As I Am, without One Plea" and "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty." Are they free? Oh yeah.

2/14/07: If you're looking for song ideas for Ascension Day, read my new article "Ascension Songs: Looking Beyond Your Hymnal" in the latest Reformed Worship (Number 83, March 2007, pp10-13).

3/5/07: This website is mainly for my church music, but those of you in the Grand Rapids area will get a chance to hear another side of me. On March 15 at 7pm, my Brass Quintet in Three Movements and 12 (for viola and cello) will be performed at the "New Music at Calvin" concert.

2/4/07: I'm taking advantage of being snowed in for the weekend: I've added an "Art of Worship" page where you can read the latest reviews (incluing a new one by Bob Kauflin) and download resources that go with the book. I've also added some new posts to my music blog.

1/12/07: Byron Borger recently wrote a great review of The Art of Worship. After you're done reading the review, head on over to his Hearts & Minds bookstore to order a copy for yourself. And finally, if you're attending the Calvin Symposium on Worship at the end of the month I'd love to have you attend one of my sessions, come hear me play bass with Keith Getty, or just say Hi.

1/12/07: Does Greg rock? This Saturday night you can find out. Come hear me play keyboard and guitar with The New Midwest at Quinne & Tuites in Grand Rapids. Show starts at 9pm.

12/27/06: I've finally taken the plunge and started a blog. But don't worry, I won't embarrass my family and friends with the dark secrets and minute details of my little life. Instead, it will be a place for me to post songs and demos that are freshly written, on my mind, or still in process. So feel free to take a peek into The Musical Diary of Greg Scheer.

12/26/06: Rick's people at Sadleback called my people at Baker (I love to say that) and the next thing I knew I was writing an article called "The Changing World of Church Music" for Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox. It's now online.

12/22/06: The wait is over--The Art of Worship is hitting the streets this week! What are people saying about it? Terry York says "Reading The Art of Worship is like witnessing a baptism... Scheer 'buries' the band and 'resurrects' a team of servants to new life in the name of full-orbed ministry, musical exellence, and community responsibility." Robert Webber calls it "a very practical tool." John Witvliet writes that the book "demonstrates that we never have to choose between integrity and relevance in preparing to lead God's people in worship." Greg Scheer says "The Art of Worship makes a great stocking stuffer!"

12/9/06: I just received word that I won this year's Iowa Choral Directors Association and Iowa Composers Forum choral commission for new choral piece for a high school level choir that will be premiered in Mason City in July at the ICDA's yearly summer symposium. It will be a setting of Gerard Manley Hopkins' text "Spring and Fall, to a young child," which is something I've always wanted to set to music.

11/12/06: The Art of Worship--an international sensation! BakerBooks has struck a deal with YWAM Publishing Korea to release a Korean-language edition of the book. Pity the person who has to translate phrases like "Harmony Sandwich" and "Utilitarian Pop Modulation." Speaking of statistically improbable phrases, amazon.com has compiled some interesting facts about my book that even I didn't know. For example, the book is quite a deal at 6,259 words per dollar. No wonder it has rocketed to position 484,474 on Amazon's sales charts on the strength of pre-release purchases alone.

9/16/06: I'm a winner! I received an honorable mention in the CRC Sesquicentennial (150th) Hymn Contest for my song "One Generation Will Call to the Next ." It will be made available through the denomination at some point in the future. For now you can read about the contest, Bert Polman's winning text, and a little tiny mention of me at the bottom of this Calvin press release.

9/16/06: I'm a loser! The other two songs I submitted to the contest lost. But don't despair--my loss is your gain. You can download the leadsheet or demo of "Deeper than the Sea," a praise song based on Psalm 36:5-9. Or move into more adventurous territory by reading or listening to "People of the Lord." It's a Genevan Psalter-style setting of Psalm 78:1-7 in 7/8 time. (And I wonder why it didn't win...)

9/10/06: "May the Mind of Christ My Savior" was just published in Faith Alive's Sing with Me song book. The song book also contains a number of my arrangements. You'll have to wait until 2007 for the accompaniment edition, which will contain over 30 of my arrangments.

9/10/06: Speaking of publications, my contemporary song suggestions are included in the recently released Call to Worship Year C lectionary aids. It was great to be able to contribute to a resource I use regularly.

8/26/06: I know a lot of you have hoped I would provide recordings of more of my songs. So last night I recorded a bunch of rough demos of my praise songs. Here they are: One Thing, May the Mind of Christ My Savior, Lead Me to the Rock, I Surrender All to You, From the City to the Country, Eternal Family, The King Shall Come, My Keeper, Prairie Prelude, and A Great and Mighty Wonder. Mind you, these are rough, one take recordings. Someday I'll record another "real" CD of songs, but for now a quick recording of my guitar and voice will have to suffice.

8/11/06: I handed in the final page edits of my book today. Why don't you just head over to amazon and pre-order it?

7/12/06: Look for some of my articles to appear this summer: "Worship Composition: Looking Back, Looking Forward" in Perspectives (you can read the full text online) , and "Hands around the World: An Introduction to African and Latin American Percussion in Worship" in The Hymn.

7/1/06: I just finished a two week seminar with Jimmie Abbington entitled "The Many Languages of African American Worship and Music." It was wonderful.

5/26/06: I promised the people who attended my workshop "Songs for Ascension: Looking Beyond Your Hymnal" at the conference With a Shout: What Difference Does the Ascension Make for Everyday Life? that they would find the piano music for "Let His Name Be Lifted Up" at my website. For a limited time I'm making the piano music and the flute music availabe to all gregscheer.com visitors. Also, feel free to listen to this mp3 or buy the Greg Scheer Song Book CD. Enjoy!

7/7/06: The BakerBooks catalog just came out, and guess what's included in the "coming soon" section? The Art of Worship, available in stores everywhere Fall of 2006!

archived 5/25/06

Tuesday, May 16th at 7:30 p.m. in the Linn-Mar High School Auditorium the Linn-Mar Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Joshua Reznicow will premiere "5," my new composition for string orchestra.

On May 25, I'll be leading a breakout session at the conference With a Shout: What Difference Does the Ascension Make for Everyday Life? at Calvin Seminary. So if you're looking for interesting Ascension songs, join me at "Songs for Ascension: Looking Beyond Your Hymnal"

archived 5/12/06

Page 23 of the recent issue of Reformed Worship (Vol. 79, March 2006) features my arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy" that will appear in the forthcoming "Sing with Me" songbook." Read about the songbook and hear the arrangement here.

Check out the new website design! I've eliminated the frames, created a navigation bar and have tried to clean things up in general. I don't expect that it will be perfect right off the bat, but I hope it will streamline the process so I can do what I do best--give you free music!

archived 4/29/06

If you're looking for hymns that can be used during Holy Week (or are so far ahead in your planning that you're working on Lent of next year) take a look at Meditations on Lenten Hymns.

archived 2/11/06

The Calvin Worship Symposium was great fun. It was followed quickly by the due date for a string orchestra commission and the flu. The former is done, the latter is not.

archived 2/4/06

Just a couple more weeks until the Calvin Worship Symposium. I'll be taking part in Thursday seminar #1, and sessions F11 and G10. Why don't you stop by and introduce yourself?

I handed in my book manuscript to Baker. I didn't get much sleep in the days leading up to January 2, but I got it in on time.

I've started a new web page where I'll archive all the "What's New?" items that are no longer new. It is called, appropriately, Old News.

archived 1/12/06

Last weekend at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship I took part in a Vertical Habits consultation. The idea behind Vertical Habits is simple: worship teaches us to talk to God, so we should be very intentional about what we say. For example, do we have lots of ways to say "Love You" but no vocabulary for "Sorry"? I thought it would be instructive to apply the same principle to my own music. Here's a list of Vertical Habits with songs I've written that fit those themes.

Just in time for my birthday, Augsburg Fortress released my choral anthem Bread of the World.

It's official! Greg's book on contemporary worship leadership will be published by Baker Books. It will come out in January of 2007.