Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Old Text/New Tune

Each one of these songs is cowritten with some of the best in the business: Charles Wesley, Issac Watts, and others. That is, historic hymnwriters wrote the texts and I "retuned" them with new music. Download them for free, then tell LicenSing or CCLI if you sing them. If you use the piano accompaniments click the "Buy Now" button to the right.  

Looking for the best of the best? Start with these: May the Mind, The King Shall Come, A Great and Mighty Wonder.

A Great and Mighty Wonder - CCLI#2929143, LicenSing#31552

With a text written by St. Germanus around 700AD and new music written in 1999, this upbeat folk rock version of the classic Christmas hymn will be a three millenial hit with your congregation! (get the files)

All the Sacrifice Is Ended

Lyrics from Samuel J. Stone’s Lyra Fidelium, 12 hymns on the 12 articles of the Apostles' creed. This song is on Article V: He descended into Hell: the third day he rose again from the dead. 

Arise, O King of Grace, Arise/O Savior, Come! - CCLI#6443405

Isaac Watts' text based on Psalm 132 is the foundation of this song. In it he teases out Christological imagery from the Psalm in a way that only Watts can do. It works exceedingly well as an Advent Psalm.

Awake, Sweet Gratitude, and Sing- CCLI#6443302

This Ascension text is by Augustus Toplady. It does a great job of exploring the role of Christ as the heavenly intercessor–we have a sympathetic advocate in Jesus, who lived among us and ascended in body to the Father’s side. The song has a jangly, Mumford & Songs vibe. (get the files at my blog)

Doxology - CCLI#4448921, LicenSing#31533

A simple folk setting of Thomas Ken's beloved text "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." If your worship team has folk groove, give it a try. (get the files)

God Moves in a Mysterious Way - CCLI#2762135, LicenSing#31531

This text by William Cowper is a profound statement on faith in God's providence: "You fearful saints fresh courage take, the clouds you so much dread are filled with mercy and shall break with blessings on your head." This new melody is probably a bit too difficult for the average congregation, but the arrangement for four part choir, piano, and flute makes a great anthem. (get the files)

I Place Myself in Jesus' Hands

I took a simple, devotional approach to writing music for Richard Massie’s English translation of the moving “Ich steh in meines Herren Hand” by Philipp Spitta. Unlike many of the folk-style tunes on this page, this is written in four parts and could be led by the organ. (get the files at my blog)

Jesus Calls - CCLI#5679029

Cecil F. Alexander's devotional text is really lovely: Jesus calls us, o'er the tumult / Of our life's wild, restless sea; / Day by day His sweet voice soundeth / Saying, "Christian, follow Me."

Jesus, Lover of My Soul - CCLI#6444459, LicenSing#31497

Charles Wesley’s timeless text is here paired with a flowing choral composition.

Jesus, Lord of Life and Glory - CCLI#6444136


May the Mind of Christ, My Savior - CCLI#3186978, LicenSing#31523

This classic text has been set to a new tune which has a mesmerizing Celtic feel. The song's theme of consecration and aspiration makes it a great way to close a service. This song is also included in Faith Alive's Sing with Me song book. (get the files)

Ride On, Ride On In Majesty! - CCLI#4240277, LicenSing#31511

A new melody for old text. Henry H. Milman's 1827 Palm Sunday text is recast in a contemporary vein. For the full effect, get the arrangement for solo voice, piano and flute thatis published by Augsburg Fortress in With All My Heart, vol. 2. (PDF)

The King Shall Come - CCLI#4238296, LicenSing#31507

The return of Christ is anticipated in this bright folk pop song of praise. The verses use a text from an ancient Greek hymn, and the chorus is brand new: "The winter of our souls melts into glorious morning, For Christ has conquered all and a new creation is dawning. So come away My love the winter is past, it's over. The springtime has begun and love will bloom forever." (get the files)

There's A Wideness in God's Mercy - CCLI#5253933, LicenSing#31478

Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose - CCLI#6443151

text by Charles Wesley