Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Songs for Congregation

You can download all of the leadsheets of these congregational songs for free. All I ask is that you report to LicenSing or CCLI if you use them. If you use the piano accompaniments it would be awfully nice of you to pay the shareware fee. Simply click the "Buy Now" button to the right.

"Where do I start?" you ask? If you lean toward the traditional you might want to look at these: People of the Lord, I'll Be a Witness, Come All You Weary. Here are some people's favorite contemporary praise songs: Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart, We Worship You, One Thing, I Surrender. If you're somewhere in between, try the best of the blended: One Generation, As the Deer, Feed Us Lord. Looking for re-tuned hymns, Psalm songs, or songs arranged by scripture? They've moved!

A Mark of Grace - CCLI#5679012

Written to accompany Neal Plantinga's sermon on Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-6) at the 2010 Calvin Worship Symposium, "A Mark of Grace" tells the whole human story--creation, fall and redemption--in the form of a lyrical ballad. You could say it's a meditative musical meta-narrative. (get the files)

As the Deer - CCLI#1276155, LicenSing#31549

Psalm 42 and 43 are set to a haunting, melancholic melody that mirrors the poignancy of the original Psalm text. This song continues to be one of the most frequently downloaded songs of the site. It is also available in Chinese translation and a choral anthem. (get the files)

Come, All You Weary - CCLI#4496715, LicenSing#31548

One of the wonderful things about the Christian faith is that Jesus doesn't require us to "have it all together" before we come to him. Before we even knew we needed him, he was calling us. This short, meditative song, reminds us that those of us who are tired and weighed down are especially welcome. Jesus is calling us to himself. (get the files)

Deeper than the Sea - CCLI#4769349, LicenSing#31545

This rendition of Psalm 36:5-9 is an expansive folk-rock song of praise to the Creator whose love surpasses the grandeur of all creation. The choral arrangement is published by GIA. (You can view a sample online.) The congregational version is published in Contemporary Songs for Worship. The song was recorded on the Rosthern Junior College Choir's 2007 CD Praise Song, and the students liked it so much they included it in their graduation ceremony! Listen to the MP3.

Don't Be Afraid - CCLI#6442750

Based on Mark 5:36b

Eternal Family - CCLI#4484112, LicenSing#31544

My understanding of God and faith has been profoundly affected by the book Worship, Community & the Triune God of Grace by James B. Torrance. I try to pack as much of his vision-expanding Trinitarian theology as I can in the four verses of this song. (get the files)

Faith, First and Last - CCLI#2761992, LicenSing#31543

Paul introduces and summarizes the subject of the book of Romans in chapter 1 verses 16 and 17. "Faith, First and Last" stays close to his words to allow for a sung affirmation. It's included in the collection Singing the New Testament. (get the files)

Faithful Stewards - CCLI#6442839

Based on I Corinthians 4:1-2

Family Communion Liturgy - CCLI, LicenSing#31495

Kyrie (CCLI#6446866), Gloria (CCLI#6446873), Sanctus (CCLI#6446880), Memorial Acclamation (CCLI#6446897), and Amen (CCLI#6446907)

Feed Us, Lord - CCLI#4636207, LicenSing#31541

This simple, reflective communion song focuses on the way Jesus feeds our hearts at the table. This version of the song includes a piano part and has the option of three keys with modulations: C, D and F. Though your congregation will pick up the tune in no time, you may want to consider introducing it with the arrangement for SATB Choir and Piano. (get the files)

From the City - CCLI#4240253 LicenSing#31532

Using the early American tune HOLY MANNA in a brand new folk arrangement, this text is a prayer that God would bring peace and justice on earth and a call to God's people to work toward this never-ending jubilee. Among other places, it was sung at the 2007 general synod of the Reformed Church in America. (get the files)

From the Dust You Shall Raise Us Up (Psalm 103) - CCLI#6442781

Grace and Peace to You - CCLI#2762180, LicenSing#31539

Paul's simple, yet profound, greeting to the church in Rome is the inspiration for this song. It could be used effectively as a gathering song, a benediction or during the passing of the peace. (get the files)

Garden of Grace - CCLI#2929246, LicenSing#31540

Another song from my Romans series, this time inspired by Romans 5:12-21. I've always loved this song, but it never felt quite right until a few months ago when I completely overhauled the lyrics and wrote a piano arrangement to support the melody. Now it's perfect. (get the files)

Hosanna in the Highest - CCLI#6444064

A Palm Sunday song based on the Jewish tune "The King of Glory Comes."

House of Praise - CCLI#1276179, LicenSing#31538

We often forget that we worship a triune God. One of the things I occasionally do in my music is dedicate a verse to each person of the Trinity. In this song it takes the form of 1) Jesus Christ, the rock upon which the church is built 2) the Spirit who descends like a dove as we worship 3) the Lord God who has shown us mercy and deserves our offerings of praise. The song is also appropriate for prayer meetings; if you'd like to change the lyrics to "House of Prayer" for such occasions feel free to do so. (get the files)

I Surrender All to You - CCLI#4468138, LicenSing#31537

If you'd like to expand your repertoire of dedication songs beyond the classics "I Surrender All" and "Take My Life and Let It Be" you should give this a try. It's a short Matt Redman-ish song which reminds us that our lives are a 24/7 sacrifice in response to God's love. (get the files)

I Will Wait Upon the Lord - CCLI#1276227, LicenSing#31535

This was written for Cornerstone University Ministry at the request of Henry Knapp. I chose Psalm 40 because I felt that the image of the feet being placed on solid rock could be appropriately updated to refer to the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone of our faith. (get the files)

If You're Weary - CCLI#5253957, LicenSing#31475

Matthew 11:28

I'll Be a Witness to the Light - CCLI#4642363, LicenSing#31530

Perfect for both Advent and Epiphany, this simple song of dedication has verses based on John 1:6-8; 19-28, 35-42, and 43-51. This was arranged by Michael Burkhardt in "From a Distant Home." (get the files)

In a Still, Small Voice - CCLI#2310965, LicenSing#31529

This quiet ballad uses I Kings 19:11-13 and events from Jesus' ministry to reflect on hearing the still, small voice of the Lord in our world today. (get the files)

It Was Very Good - CCLI#6441940

Genesis 1:1,31

Jesus - CCLI#2929253, LicenSing#31528

"The most eloquent poetry, the richest theology barely begins to reveal the mystery." This acoustic rock ballad concedes that no words or music will ever capture the beauty and love of Jesus. But isn't his surpassing worth and our inability to fully understand him all the more reason for adoration? (get the files)

Jesus, Precious Jesus - CCLI#5141423, LicenSing#31474

Lead Me to the Rock - CCLI#4448897, LicenSing#31527

Psalm 61 is both a cry for help and an affirmation of trust. This song tries to capture both expressions with its minor key verse and its major key chorus. If your worship team wants to explore the full range of emotioins found in the Psalms--the lament as well as the praise--this is a good place to start. (get the files)

Let His Name Be Lifted Up - CCLI#1276258, LicenSing#31526

The verses of this song celebrate the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and return of Christ--each being a reason to sing "Let His Name Be Lifted Up" in the chorus! (get the files)

Liturgy of Benediction

Open Our Eyes to the Word of Life - CCLI#6557755

Christ Has Died (Memorial Acclamation) - CCLI#6443247

O Lamb of God - CCLI#6443285

The Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven - CCLI#6443223

Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace - CCLI#6441689

Living Justly - CCLI#5653265

Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace - CCLI#6441689

The Nunc Dimmittis, Simeon's song of praise in Luke, is set to a flowing melody for congregation. What better benediction could there be at the end of a worship service than to join Simeon in saying "Let us depart in peace for eyes have seen the Savior"? (get the files)

Lord, We Set Apart This Time - CCLI#4448945, LicenSing#31524

This hymn makes the perfect bookends for a service: verse one is a call to worship and verse two is a call to service. Because it's written in four-part hymn form rather than leadsheet, it's also appropriate for choir. (get the files)

Make Us One within Your Spirit - CCLI#5664182

May the Mind of Christ, My Savior - CCLI#3186978, LicenSing#31523

This classic text has been set to a new tune which has a mesmerizing Celtic feel. The song's theme of consecration and aspiration makes it a great way to close a service. This song is also included in Faith Alive's Sing with Me song book. (get the files)

Maybe the Rain - CCLI#2046497, LicenSing#31522

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this song was written for Bellefield Presbyterian Church's pianist, Jeff Stehle. The lyrics remind us that the "rain" we experience in our lives may be exactly what is needed for us to grow--an idea which took on new meaning when Jeff was diagnosed with cancer. Though he's in remission, I'd ask that you would say a quick prayer on his behalf when you play this song-just think of it as royalties paid in prayers! An arrangement for solo voice and piano is published by Augsburg Fortress in With All My Heart, vol. 2 and as an SAB Choir and flute anthem in Wade in the Water. (get the files)

My Soul Will Glorify the Lord - CCLI#1276272, LicenSing#31519

Do you need a praise song which is appropriate for Father's Day? This setting of Psalm 103 fits into the context of Father's Day because of its reference to a father's love in the second verse, but it can also be sung during any time of worship. (get the files)

O Holy Spirit, Come! - CCLI#6007834

One Generation Will Call to the Next - CCLI#4769466, LicenSing#31518

Looking for a song to celebrate and encourage intergenerational worship? This setting of Psalm 145:1-7 was one of the winning songs of the CRC sesqucentennial hymn contest and was sung in worship at the 2008 Calvin Worship Symposium. There is also an arrangement for choir and piano. (get the files)

One Thing - CCLI#4240239, LicenSing#31517

Based on Psalm 27:4, this song is a prayer for the beauty of God to fill our eyes. The music can be adapted to any number of styles, from straight acoustic guitar strumming to a jangly U2 groove. (get the files)

Our Father - CCLI#4238337, LicenSing#31494

The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) becomes an ethereal musical groove that is somewhat reminscent of Dave Matthews. Download the sheet music or listen to a live recording from a Northwestern College chapel. (get the files)

Patiently - CCLI#2929284, LicenSing#31514

All of Psalm 40 is set to a simple, beautiful melody. The verses can be sung by the song leader and the refrain sung by the congregation for a relaxed flow when singing it in worship. (PDF, MP3)

People Of The Lord - CCLI#4770084, LicenSing#31513

Who would have thought that a Genevan Psalter-style setting of Psalm 78 in 7/8 time would become my biggest hit? After it won the Calvin09 hymn contest, the song was translated into a half dozen languages, sung from Switzerland to Brazil, and is beginning to appear in print and CD. Your church can get in on the fun, too, by downloading the music at Piano and organ accompaniments are available here. Contact me for brass and string parts. (get the files)

Prairie Prelude - CCLI#4448866, LicenSing#31512

What does it sound like when the stones cry out (Luke 19:40), the mountains and hills burst into song, the trees of the field clap their hands (Isaiah 55:12), and creation groans (Romans 8:22)? It seems that we humans are not the only ones to praise their Creator and lament their fallen state while awaiting the coming Kingdom. "Prairie Prelude" paints a picture of the creation lifting up its voice so exuberantly that it invites us to join its song of praise. (MP3, PDF)

Sing to the Lord a New Song - CCLI#1276399, LicenSing#31510

It seems like everyone has their own version of Psalm 98, but each generation needs a "new song" so I make no apologies for adding my voice to the fray! This song was chosen to be sung at COLAM 1999 (Conference on Liturgy and Music) at Dordt College as part of the Composition Competition. (get the files)

The Beauty of Your Holiness - CCLI#2046569, LicenSing#31509

Worship Today published this song in a beautiful arrangement for three part men's choir, and it's also featured on the new Greg Scheer Song Book CD. It is a delicate pop style ballad which draws on images which Jonathan Edwards uses in writings such as Religious Affections and The Excellency of Christ. An SAB/piano arrangement is available in the Augsburg Fortress collection, Wade in the Water. (get the files)

The Colors of the Covenant - CCLI#6442774

Genesis 9:12-13

The Heavens Tell the Story - CCLI#2762252, LicenSing#31508

Another from my Romans series, this song places Romans 1:18-32 beside Psalm 19:1-4 for a compelling musical exposition of God's character revealed in nature. (PDF)

The Lord Bless You and Keep You - CCLI#2762290, LicenSing#31506

The Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:24-26) is set to a bouncy tune that can work in a folk style or with children's choir. (PDF, MP3)

Wash Me in Your Water - CCLI#1276430, LicenSing#31505

Ideas from John 3 are used in this simple song of faith. The images of water and Spirit make it an excellent song to be used in conjunction with baptisms. An arrangement for solo voice, piano and flute is published by Augsburg Fortress in With All My Heart, vol. 2. (get the files)

We Are the Children of God - CCLI#6557748

We Are Waiting - CCLI#2309639, LicenSing#31504

This song celebrates the majesty of the Father, the life of the Son, and the vision of the Holy Spirit. It is especially good at the beginning of worship because it defines a spirit of readiness in the people of the church who are waiting for a fresh encounter with the Lord. If your church also has a choir, you can introduce the song to the congregation using the arrangement for choir and flute which is published by Augsburg Fortress. (get the files)

We Worship You - CCLI#2310958, LicenSing#31503

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised." (Job 1:21) "We Worship You" was first sung at Chuck Rosemeyer's memorial service, and though it was introduced in this context, it is truly a song of exuberant worship that thanks God for all of His gifts and recognizes His hand in life, death, and the life to come. (get the files)