Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

A Great and Mighty Wonder

lyrics: St. Germanus, circa 634-734
Translated by John Mason Neale, 1818-1866
music and lyrical adaptation: Greg Scheer
copyright 1999

With a text written by St. Germanus around 700AD and new music written in 1999, this upbeat folk rock version of the classic Christmas hymn will be a three millenial hit with your congregation during this Christmas season!

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1. A great and mighty wonder this joyful Christmas brings;
The Virgin bears the Infant, our Lord, and King of Kings.

The Word becomes incarnate, descending from on high;
And cherubim sing anthems to shepherds from the sky.
And we with them triumphant the joyful hymn repeat,
To God on high be glory, to all on earth be peace!

2. Since all He comes to ransom, by all be He adored.
The Infant born in Bethlehem, the Savior and the Lord! (chorus)

3. The heavens sing His glory, His praise rings through the land.
Rejoice you hills and valleys, you oceans clap your hands! (chorus)