Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Come, All You Weary

by Greg Scheer
text based on Matthew 11:28
copyright 2005

One of the wonderful things about the Christian faith is that Jesus doesn't require us to "have it all together" before we come to him. Before we even knew we needed him, he was calling us. This short, meditative song, reminds us that those of us who are tired and weighed down are especially welcome. Jesus is calling us to himself. Both versions include four-part voice/accompaniment.

print the music: now published by Augsburg Fortress collection Assembly Required.

Come, all you weary. Come, all you weary.
Come, all you weary; lay your burden down.
Come, all you weary. Come, all you weary.
Come to Christ; find rest for your soul.
Find rest for your soul.