Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Creation's Chorus

words and music by Greg Scheer
from Psalm 148
copyright 2000

Psalm 148 is a call to praise three parts, starting with the heavenly realms, moving to the creatures of the earth, and finally calling all people on earth to praise the Lord. I’m not the first to write a three verse setting of this Psalm, but I’m probably the first to use a hip hop/black gospel style and an alternate third verse that modernizes the kings, princes, young and old of the original Psalm to scientists, theologians, bards and politicians!

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hear the music: MP3

Verse 1
Praise the Lord from the heavenly heights
Angelic hosts who dwell in the skies
You galaxies you sun moon and stars
Sing out His praises near and far

Chorus 1
Let all creation praise the Lord
You sprang to life at the sound of His word
Let every creature every day
Join in creation's joyous jubilee of praise

Verse 2
Praise the Lord from the earth below
You lightning storm, winds, hai,l clouds and snow
You valley,s hills and every tree
You flying birds, you fish of the sea

Verse 3
Praise the Lord all you princes and kings
Both young and old lift your voices to sing
So praise the Lord wherever you are
For all of you are close to His heart

Verse 3, alt
Praise the Lord with your minds and your hearts;
You scientists, theologians and bards.
And praise the Lord, politicians and priests,
discerning all that's seen and unseen.