Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

From the City

words and music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2005

Using the early American tune HOLY MANNA in a brand new folk arrangement, this text is a prayer that God would bring peace and justice on earth and a call to God's people to work toward this never-ending jubilee. Among other places, it was sung at the 2007 general synod of the Reformed Church in America.

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1. From the city to the country,
from the desert to the sea,
every tribe and every people,
every creature will be freed.

Lord, we pray Your heavenly kingdom,
here on earth our eyes will see.
Lord, we pray that we’d be faithful
to proclaim your jubilee.

2. Lord You’ve called us to Your kingdom,
and You’ve called us to Your side.
Lord, You send us out with power
to be salt and show Your light.

Lord, revive us. Lord, revive us.
All our hopes are set on You.
Wake our drowsy souls from slumber.
Give us vision, make us new.

3. Still there is the sound of weeping;
love betrayed and truth denied.
Justice just a dream for those whose
well of hope has long gone dry.

Hear the cries of those around us.
See our neighbors sinking down.
Lord, we pray that peace will rain like
holy manna all around.

4. From the city to the country,
from the desert to the sea,
Jesus calls us to His kingdom
where His subjects will be free.

North and South with shouts of laughter,
East and West will fill the streets.
All around the sound of singing;
earth proclaims its jubilee.