Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

One Thing

words and music by Greg Scheer
based on Psalm 27:4
copyright 2002 (August 8)

Based on Psalm 27:4, this song is a prayer for the beauty of God to fill our eyes. The music can be adapted to any number of styles, from straight acoustic guitar strumming to a jangly U2 groove. I've provided leadsheets in both E minor and C# minor for greater flexibility when using a capo. You're welcome.

hear the music: mp3
print the music: pdf (Em), pdf (C#m)

One thing I ask of the Lord.
One thing my longing soul will seek.
One thing I pray my heart will see.

That I may live;
live in the house of the Lord
all of the days of my life.

That I may gaze;
gaze on the beauty of God.
Splendor divine, fill my eyes.

Splendor divine, fill my eyes.