Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

The Beauty of Your Holiness

words and music by Greg Scheer
copyright 1995

Worship Today published this song in a beautiful arrangement for three part men's choir, and it's also featured on the Greg Scheer Song Book CD. It is a delicate pop style ballad which draws on images which Jonathan Edwards uses in writings such as Religious Affections and The Excellency of Christ.

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1. If we could have tongues of angels,
if we had the wings of cherubim
to circle your throne in heaven
and cry Holy Lord God with the seraphim

All the songs that we could raise
in a life of ceaseless praise;
eternity won't give us ways to express
the beauty of your holiness.

2. If we were to fear the Lion.
If we were to love the Lamb.
If we were to cry hosanna,
or bow before the great I AM.

All the names that we could give.
All the words used to express
could only hope to show a little of
the beauty of your holiness.

3. If we could spend all our hours
repaying the mercies shown to us.
Expend every ounce of our power
it would never begin to be enough

The purest deeds we have to share.
The choicest offerings we prepare
amount to rags when we compare it to
the beauty of your holiness.