Congregational Songs

Greg Scheer

Who Can Compare to the Lord?

words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Isaiah 40:12-26
copyright 1998

Isaiah 40:12-26 paints a picture of a God whose power extends beyond what we can even begin to imagine. The last verse brings home the point that this all-powerful God is also the One who fills us with His strength.

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Who can compare to the Lord?
Search throughout heaven and earth--
has He an equal at all?
Who can compare to the Lord?

1. Who has cupped his hands and measured the oceans?
Who has marked off skies with his hands?
Who has gathered earth like dust in a basket?
Who has weighed the hills on a scale?


2. Who has understood the Spirit of God?
Did He seek advice from you?
Who has shown the Lord the right path to walk?
Who has led Him down ways of truth?


3. Nations of the world are just specks of dust
the Almighty holds in His hand.
All the trees on earth would not be enough
for an offering worthy of Him.


4. Raise your eyes to heaven and finally see
the creator's hand in these things.
He who summons stars and calls them by name;
He will fill the weak with His strength.